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What is the difference between polypropylene and PVC tape?
Our 2.0 mil polypropylene tape is a standard duty tape recommended for sealing boxes under 30lbs. It has a glossy finish in appearance. This economical packing tape has a quick tack adhesive and is commonly recognized by its crackling noise when pulled from the roll. 
Our 2.2mil PVC tape is a heavy duty tape recommended for sealing boxes over 30lbs. PVC has a flatter finish in appearance compared with polypropylene. It has a strong adhesive component and is also known as the quiet tape for its smooth release from the roll. 

Will I be charged extra for additional text or logo?
We do not charge extra for additional text or logo(s) however, additional charges will be added to the cost of your plate based on prints over 7” in length.  

How long is the print area?
Including the repeat space the printable area is 14 11/16” in length.  Anything over 7" is considered oversize and additional charges apply.

How many inches wide can you print on a 1, 2 or 3 inch tape?
1” = ¾”
2”= 1 ¾”
3” = 2 ¾”

How small can my repeat space be? (Repeat space defined as the distance from the end of your image to where it restarts)
The smallest repeat space is ¼”. For more information regarding continuous prints please contact a sales representative. 

Can you print multiple colors? If so, what are the minimums?
Yes, we print up to 3 colors. Minimums are as follows:
2 color prints require a minimum of 2 cases
3 color prints require a minimum of 5 cases

Do you offer PMS color matches? If so what is the cost and minimums?
The cost for a PMS color match is $80 per color. The minimum order for a color match is 5 cases. 
Do you offer flood coating? If so what are the minimums?
Yes, we can take our standard white tape and flood coat it with the ink color of your choice. The minimum order quantity is 4 cases. An ink mix charge would apply if one of our standard ink colors was not used.

Do I have to pay taxes on my purchase?
There will be no sales tax added to your order.

Can I use my UPS or FedEx account for shipping?
Please feel free to offer your shipping account # for the courier of your choice. 

Do you offer blind shipping for distributors?
Yes, please contact a salesman to inquire about blind shipping options. 

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