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For the last 30-plus years, home-schooling parents around the country have counted on Rainbow Resources to provide them with educational products. For the last four years, Rainbow Resources has relied on Phoenix Tape to help ship those products.

According to Joel Manning, Rainbow Resources’ warehouse manager, the company sought out Phoenix Tape because it needed a custom solution for its tape.

“To be fair, having tape custom printed is not the cheaper option,” Manning said, adding that the intent wasn’t to save money initially. While many companies have switched to custom printed tape from Phoenix Tape from printed boxes, which saves money on both printing costs and box storage, Rainbow Resources was using plain shipping tape before contracting with Phoenix Tape for a logo-printed solution.

“What’s been great with Phoenix is their service on getting what I need and understanding what’s driving our decision to use them,” he said. “Their service team knows what we need to do and how to do it cost effectively. I was surprised how cost effective was. We were able to push some of our branding and our style for a low cost.”

In addition, Phoenix Tape offers better quality and service than their previous tape vendor, Manning said. It’s not that their old vendor, which supplied them with 3M tape, was bad. But that company was selling a stock product. Phoenix Tape, providing custom tape, needs to be more responsive.

“The main thing I want to highlight is they’re very responsive,” Manning said. “There’s been multiple renditions. We’d made an error and they were very quick to fix it. Very smooth and easy to deal with.”

Thanks to their purchase of automatic tape dispensers, Rainbow Resources has been able to speed up its shipping as well. Having a custom print on a larger roll of tape reduces the amount of time employees need to spend changing consumable materials, allowing them to focus on getting packages out.

Would you like to learn more about how custom printed tape can help your company? Turn to Phoenix Tape. We’ve spent more than 30 years helping customers save both time and money.

Not only does our tape allow you to share your branding with the world, it also helps keep your products secure during shipping by preventing pilfering.

Unlike generic clear tape, it’s impossible for a pilferer to replace printed tape after cutting it open. It can serve as a security measure. You can tell customers “If your box doesn’t come with our tape, don’t sign for it.”

Contact us today to learn more about how our tape can protect your products and help you save time and money.