Custom Branded Packing Tape FAQ


Yes, absolutely! We will create a proof based on the logo or artwork submitted with your order and send it to you for approval. Once we have your approval we enter the order into the production schedule and order plates. If we have any questions or need better artwork we will contact you.

Production times are constantly shifting due to the ongoing pandemic. We anticipate that we will be able to print and ship most of our orders in approximately 4 weeks. To ensure you don’t run out of tape please consider placing your order well in advance. To find out more information on lead times please read our blog. (Click here to find out more)


Yes, we can do that. Printing your tape so that the entire length of the tape is printed requires a custom-made seamless plate. Please contact us to get pricing and lead time.

No, we do not have templates for outside companies to use. We prefer to have our Art Department create the proof since they are the most familiar with the printing requirements of our presses. The Art Department can work with any design, sizing and layout requests that you will have to make sure they will work on our presses.

While we accept several different formats, our favorite type of file is vector art for Adobe Illustrator.

We accept the following files: AI, EPS, JPG, PNG. AND TIF

The higher the resolution or dpi (dots per inch) the better the final print will be. 600 dpi or higher is great! We can use 300 dpi but your logo might print with a jagged edge. Jagged edges will be noted in the electronic proof we send to you for your final authorization and we will ask you for a better art file.

We do not charge extra for additional text or logo(s). The cost of your plate is determined by the number of inks you use and the length of the print job.

For tape that is 1” wide the maximum height that the logo can be printed is ¾".
For tape that is 2” wide the maximum height is 1 ¾”.
For tape that is 3” wide the maximum height is 2 ¾”.

Repeat space is defined as the distance from the end of your image to where it restarts. The smallest repeat space is ¼”. For more information regarding continuous prints please contact a sales representative.

Including the repeat space the printable area is 14 11/16” in length.


Custom Paper tape is the most environmentally-friendly tape currently on the market. It is nearly 100% recyclable, excluding the fiber glass threads that give paper tape its incredible strength. Paper tape is water-activated, sticks to almost any surface and is best used with a paper tape dispenser that wets and cuts the tape. Read more about paper tape

Our custom polypropylene tape is a standard duty tape that is highly recommended for sealing cardboard boxes. It has a glossy finish in appearance. This economical packing tape sticks quickly to the box and is commonly recognized by its crackling noise when pulled from the roll. Find out more about Poly tape

Our PVC tape is a heavy duty tape recommended for sealing heavier shipments. PVC has a flatter finish in appearance compared with polypropylene. It has a strong adhesive component but takes a minute to stick giving you time to adjust the tape. It is also known as the quiet tape for its smooth release from the roll. It can be used on multiple surface types. Find out more about PVC tape

(Read here to get more info on the difference between poly and PVC)

The strength or thickness of tape all depends on what is being shipped. For most packages under 30 lbs. the 1.9 polypropylene tape will work. If using PVC tape, start with the 2.2 standard grade. And 240 grade paper tape works incredibly well for heavy shipments. However, if you are shipping very heavy items or bulky items, having a thicker grade of tape might be helpful. Please reach out to us and we can help you figure out the best option. For more information read our blog

We do! Hi-tack freezer tape can be applied to already cold items as well as items that are going to go into the freezer. The adhesive is formulated to work in lower temperatures than regular poly. Find out more about Freezer tape

Polypropylene and Hi-Tack Freezer tapes are hot melt adhesive.

PVC tape is a rubber adhesive.

Paper tape has a water-activated adhesive.

We also provide acrylic adhesive if necessary (please call for pricing and delivery times).


We offer the following colors at no charge: Yellow PMS 108, Orange PMS 165, Red PMS 199, Green PMS 347, Gray PMS 431, Burgundy PMS 222, Brown PMS 476, Process Blue, Reflex Blue, Black and White.

We use the Pantone Matching System. There is a charge for a PMS color match due to the fact that our production department has to mix the custom color for each order. The minimum order for a color match is 2 cases.

Yes, we print up to 3 colors. Minimums are as follows:

For Polypropylene, PVC, Hi-Tack Freezer and Filament tapes:
1-color prints have a minimum of 1 case.
2 color prints have a minimum of 2 cases
3 color prints have a minimum of 5 cases

For Paper Tape:
1-color prints have a minimum of 5 cases.
2-color prints have a minimum of 5 cases.
3-color prints have a minimum of 10 cases.

We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS). You can send us other types of color system codes but we will convert it to the closest PMS match.

Reverse printing is when the background of the design is printed instead of the design itself. For example, a typical print job of black text on white tape would be reverse printed as white text with a black background. Extra surcharges apply for reverse printing. When ordering online please select the box that reads “Is this a Reverse Print or a Flood Coat/Ink coverage exceeding 50% of the entire surface adds an ink charge.” There will be a plate gap with reverse prints.

Flood coating is when white tape is printed entirely with the first color of choice before the logo is printed with the second ink color of choice. When ordering online please select the box that reads “Is this a Reverse Print or a Flood Coat/Ink coverage exceeding 50% of the entire surface adds an ink charge.” A flood coat can create a continuous background without any plate gaps. There are no minimums for a flood coat, only custom inks.


Yes! We offer free UPS Ground shipping on single orders shipped to 1 location within the continental USA. No minimum purchase required. No coupon needed at checkout. This offer applies to standard shipping only. If you require express shipping or are looking to ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada please contact us directly at [email protected]

We ship via UPS Ground for orders less than 10 cases. Orders 10 cases or more will ship on a pallet by truck unless your facilities are unable to accept a truck delivery. Please let us know if a delivery truck requires a lift gate.

You can if you want but we’re offering free shipping. Please take advantage of it! If you need something express shipped to you or are in Canada you will need to provide either a UPS or FedEx account.

Yes, we do. If ordering online, please select “Blind Shipping/Blank Cores Required” during checkout. If you have any questions, please contact a salesman to find out more.

No! We need an actual address to which to ship the tape.

We ship to the US and Canada only.

If you are in Alaska or Hawaii, please contact us directly.

If you are in Canada, please provide a UPS or FedEx account for freight and duty charges.


We are open Monday to Friday, 9-5 EST. Our phone number is 1-800-992-1522 or email us at . We’d love to hear from you.