How to Pick the Right Custom Printed Tape

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So many things need to go right for your products to arrive safely at your customers’ doorsteps on time.

Quick, efficient shipping. Durable packaging. And effective, reliable packing tape.

You might read that last point and think “Sure, any package is going to need tape.”

But not all packaging needs the same kind of tape. The type of tape you’ll need will depend on a few different factors.

  1. The weight of the package

    If you’re shipping heavier products you’ll need to choose a thicker, heavier gauge tape. Tape thickness is measured in mils, or in the case of paper tape, according to grade. One mils is a thousandth of an inch. Tapes are typically between 1.6 mils and 3 mils.

    Different varieties of tape will have different thickness ranges:

    • 1.9 mil thick polypropylene tape – Good for sealing boxes up to 30 pounds

    • 2.5 mil thick polypropylene tape – Good for sealing boxes up to 50 pounds

    • 2.9 mil thick polypropylene tape – Good for sealing boxes that are more than 50 pounds

    • 2.2 mil thick PVC tape – Good for sealing boxes up 40 pounds

    • 3.2 mil thick PVC tape – Good for sealing boxes that are more than 40 pounds

    • 240 grade paper tape – Good for sealing boxes up to 30 pounds

    • 260 grade paper tape – Good for sealing boxes up to 55 pounds

    Keep in mind that box size isn’t as important as package weight. You might have to ship something that’s only a few pounds but still need a big box that’s mostly void fill. In the end, weight will be a crucial factor in determining the type of tape you need.

  2. The level of detail in your printing

What message will your printed tape convey? Is it simply advertising the name of your

company, or will it included a detailed logo or a lot of fine print?

The answer to that question can determine the type of tape you choose. If you don’t need a lot of detail, either polypropylene or PVC tape will work.

But if you do need more detail, choose polypropylene. This is a softer, thicker tape that

holds detail much better.

2. How much tape you plan to use

This last point isn’t a question of quality, but of quantity. It’s never a good idea to buy more than six months’ worth of tape at a time. The adhesive in tape can dry out if left unused for too long.

Store tape at an ambient temperature. Exposing it to extreme cold or extreme humidity

will cause it to lose its effectiveness.



Polypropylene Tape


PVC Tape


Paper Tape


Freezer Tape


Flatback Tape


Filament Tape

The world of tape

As we indicated earlier, there are different types of tape designed for different jobs. In this second half of our guide, we’ll explore the difference between a few common tape varieties.

Polypropylene tape

One of the most popular tape varieties, polypropylene tape is an economical, cost-efficient choice that allows you to

print up to three ink colors. You can identify polypropylene by the crackling sound it makes when you pull it from its roll.

PVC tape

Unlike polypropylene, PVC tape is quiet. You can pull it from its roll with little noise. It’s

a quality tape that’s nonetheless easy to tear by hand, with a surface that allows for three ink colors.

Paper tape

An eco-friendly tape that bonds neatly to new or recycled cardboard boxes or dusty surfaces, paper tape contains fiberglass threads that improve security and packaging.

Freezer tape

While some tapes lose their effectiveness in the face of cold climates, freezer tape is designed to stay sticky in temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Flatback tape

Stronger than traditional masking tape, this tape is ideal for masking, edging, binding and splicing, and is easy to apply and remove with little to no residue.

Filament tape

This is a utility grade strapping tape that can resist solvents and moisture, with a backing that resists cracking and splitting.

Are you still unsure which type of tape your job requires? Let Phoenix Tape help guide your decision. We’ve spent nearly 35 years providing affordable printed tapes to businesses of all sizes, and have made it our mission to educate customers about printed tape can both tell the world about

your brand while still ensuring your product

gets to where it’s going.

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