Tape for Fragile Items

You take pride in the products your company produces, which is why you make sure they don’t leave your facility without passing the most stringent quality control measures.

But once your goods are out of your hands, they’re out of your control. This is an even greater concern when shipping fragile items. That doesn’t mean you have no control at all.

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What Do I Need to Consider When Buying Packaging Tape?

When you purchase tape to ship your products, one of the first things you’ll ask is “Will this keep my packaging secure during shipping?”

But you should consider other questions too. How should you store your tape? What if your product will spend weeks or months in a stock room or warehouse? What type of tape will stick to my packaging best? How strong a tape do I need? Does width matter?

Here are a few of the factors you should consider about packaging tape:

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Packing Tape for Recycled Boxes

If you’re seeking “green” packing tape, paper tape is your best bet. Unlike PVC or polypropylene, it’s a non-petroleum-based tape.

But no matter what kind of tape you use, you can still recycle cardboard boxes with tape affixed to them. Removing tape typically isn’t needed unless your municipality or trash hauler requires it.

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Custom Paper Tape

Using paper tape provides a number of benefits by itself, which is why you use it to seal your boxes before shipping. But now you can enhance that paper tape with your own logo and brand name with custom paper tape from Phoenix Tape & Supply. This quickly identifies your packages from the others that recipients may receive in the same day and makes it easy for them to put it where they need it most. Paper tape with your logo, brand, or other identifying information makes it much harder for your packages to be opened and the contents stolen as well. Upgrade your shipping game to a more professional level with custom paper tape. Contact us today to learn more.

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Printed Packaging Tape

You are sending out dozens, perhaps hundreds of packages every day. From automotive parts to coffee beans to clothing and more, they all are going out to customers, but they pass through a number of hands on the way from your place to the end recipient. You can get more people interested in what you do and what you offer with custom printed packaging tape, and the best place to get this tape is from Phoenix Tape & Supply. Printed packaging tape can be an easy and effective option to enhance your marketing efforts while also securing your shipped packages. Contact us today to learn more and to order your printed packaging tape.

Why Get Printed Packaging Tape

You’re sending out packages that need to be sealed up anyway, you might as well do a little marketing at the same time. Printed packaging tape allows you to reinforce your brand every time someone sees your package with the printed packaging tape. At the same time, because your printed packaging tape is unique, it helps to prevent theft from your shipments as recipients can easily tell if a package has been tampered with.

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Custom Printed Packaging Tape

Have you ever wanted an easy option to add special messages to specific packages that are also easy to see and understand? Are you looking for an inexpensive option to help deter tampering with your packages? These and other issues can be resolved with the use of custom printed packaging tape from Phoenix Tape & Supply. We have helped thousands of businesses grow their business while at the same time protecting the contents of their packages. We have a wide range of options to do the same for your business. Contact our team today to learn about all of your options with custom printed packaging tape.

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Custom Printed Tape

Thousands of packages are shipped every day and all of those boxes need to be sealed up before they leave your door. If you are like most businesses, you are just looking for the right packaging tape that will keep the box secure until it arrives at the destination. But doing this is missing out on a great opportunity to advertise and market your company’s brand with custom printed tape. At Phoenix Tape & Supply, we specialize in helping businesses like yours stand out from the crowd with custom printed tape, no matter what your business is. Contact Phoenix Tape & Supply to learn more.

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Custom Shipping Tape

The last thing that you need is to have your packages bust open because you used a lightweight shipping tape. You also don’t want to spend more on a heavier strength shipping tape when a lighter option would work. When you speak with our team at Phoenix Tape & Supply, we can help you choose the right options for your custom shipping tape. From adding your business name, website, phone number, or even a QR code, your custom shipping tape will not only help to promote and reinforce your brand, but it will be the right tape for the shipments that you make. You need to seal up the boxes you ship anyway, why not have a custom shipping tape that immediately is recognized as coming from you? Call us today to learn more about custom shipping tape.

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Custom Packaging Tape

Let’s say you are a small manufacturer that supplies your product to a larger company. You want to be able to remind your customer about your brand so that they don’t switch to a competitor. One option that is cost competitive with other options is to get custom packaging tape to use on the packages that you ship out. At Phoenix Tape & Supply, we do this for many different companies and organizations, and we can help yours do the same. Getting custom printed boxes and bags is expensive, and you need to have multiple sizes on hand for the different items you ship out. Our custom packaging tape works on any size package with consistent results. Contact us today to learn more.

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Custom-Made Tape

Packing tape is a common item used all over the world by a multitude of industries to ship products. These businesses have a golden opportunity right in front of them with each and every package that they ship. If they use their own custom-made tape, they can make their packages stand out from the competition. That’s what we do every day at Phoenix Tape & Supply with the custom-made tape that we print for clients of all kinds. No matter if you are selling and shipping heavy aeronautical parts, fancy coffee or customized beauty products we can help make the right custom-made tape so that everyone who handles or sees your packages will remember your company. Call us today to get started with your custom-made tape.

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