Custom-Made Tape

Packing tape is a common item used all over the world by a multitude of industries to ship products. These businesses have a golden opportunity right in front of them with each and every package that they ship. If they use their own custom-made tape, they can make their packages stand out from the competition. That’s what we do every day at Phoenix Tape & Supply with the custom-made tape that we print for clients of all kinds. No matter if you are selling and shipping heavy aeronautical parts, fancy coffee or customized beauty products we can help make the right custom-made tape so that everyone who handles or sees your packages will remember your company. Call us today to get started with your custom-made tape.

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Custom Shipping Tape

Businesses are always looking for ways to not only stand out but to keep their current customers coming back again and again. When you ship things as part of your business, it is important that these boxes are not only sealed well, but that they are quickly identified as coming from your business. Enter custom shipping tape from Phoenix Tape & Supply where we help any organization stand out from the competition. You need to seal up the boxes you ship anyway, why not have a custom shipping tape that immediately is recognized as coming from you? Call us today to learn more about custom shipping tape for your organization.

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Custom Packing Tape

Packing tape is packing tape, right? Its only function is to seal a box. Well, tape does that, but it can do so much more. Custom packing tape from Phoenix Tape & Supply can provide you with more than just a box sealer. It can be a way to advertise to everyone who sees or handles the package, it can provide information about your business, and can even offer a theft deterrent. The sky is the limit when it comes to custom packing tape, and our helpful experts can provide you with new ideas and take your goals and put them on eye-catching custom packing tape. Call us today to learn more.

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Branded Packing Tape

The problem with most businesses, especially when they are new, is that they are unknown. Obscurity is perhaps the biggest issue to overcome because if someone doesn’t know you exist, it doesn’t matter what you are selling. This is where branded packing tape can be really useful for many businesses, and this is where Phoenix Tape & Supply can help you to get that exposure. When you use branded packing tape, everyone who sees and handles your packages gets a chance to discover you or be reminded of your business. When the package arrives at the home or business, everyone who sees it sees your branded packing tape, exposing more people to your brand. Call us today to learn more about branded packing tape and order yours.

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Packing Tape vs. Shipping Tape 

Sending packages from warehouses to customers takes time. Sometimes, it can even cost money since it involves transportation fees and other expenses. The good news is that there are ways to improve transportation to ensure goods are delivered safely and securely. However, this requires the use of shipping and packing tape. 

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What Type of Tape is Best for You?

Water Activated Tape (WAT) vs. Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes (PSA)

The type of packaging tape is an issue most people hardly consider. They simply pick out any shipping tape that can do the job. However, it is not straightforward a choice as it seems. Picking the right tape for the task at hand can make a huge difference in terms of cost, the security of the package, and even your image. At some point, you may have to choose between water-activated tape and pressure-sensitive tape. Knowing their differences and their performance across key metrics will help you make the right choice and satisfy your customers’ needs.

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The Ultimate Branding Technique: Custom shipping tape and custom boxes

Your company’s packaging is important.  As we discussed in an earlier blog any package with custom tape received by your customers is a moving advertisement for your company and brand.  Your dream packaging plan will be determined by how much you can afford to spend.  Those looking for the maximum effect should consider combining a custom printed tape with a custom printed box.

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Custom Printed Tape vs Custom Boxes: Which is best for your business?

Your company’s packaging is important. Any package received by your customers is a moving advertisement for your brand and corporate identity. Deciding on what type of packaging to invest in will ultimately be determined by your budget.

Why use custom shipping tape?

  1. Cost Savings – Custom tape is less expensive when compared to printed boxes.
  2. Space Considerations – Custom tape can be ordered in small quantities and take up less space to store. Custom boxes require large minimum purchases and use up large areas of storage space in warehouses.
  3. Serves multiple purposes – Custom tape seals your packages, improves security and advertises and markets your brand all at once.  Boxes can’t do all of that!
  4. Versatility – What you choose to print on your custom tape can include logos and company names, contact information, QR codes or special handling instructions. And if you want to change the look of the tape it is so easy to have a new tape design created.
  5. Security – Using a custom shipping tape makes it more obvious that a box has been tampered with, reducing the odds that something will happen to your shipments.

What to consider when ordering custom packing tape?

  1. Type of tape and strength needed – Consider what you are shipping and the weight of your shipments. 
  2. Length – We offer hand-held rolls that fit on a hand-held dispenser or 1000 yard machine rolls for industrial settings. 
  3. Width – How wide you want your tape to be can be influenced by the weight of the shipments and the grip strength you want in your tape. 
  4. Tape Color – Custom shipping tape catches the eye so much more than plain tape.  We offer a range of colors depending on the type of tape you need.
  5. Number of Inks – We offer 11 standard colors plus the ability to print custom PMS colors.  Having this range of color helps bring your custom packing tape to life.

A well-designed custom shipping tape enhances a company’s image and boosts your customer’s opinion of your company.  Figuring out the best options for your shipments helps you to get the most out of your tape, making a wise choice if you have a smaller advertising and marketing budget. We’ve been doing this since 1985.  Contact us if you are interested in using custom printed tape or would like more information.

10 Marketing Benefits of QR Codes on Branded Packing Tape

QR codes first debuted in the mid-1990s to track assembly line parts, but they didn’t gain mainstream momentum until the era of smartphones. Then, when the pandemic hit in 2020, QR code usage skyrocketed among hospitality, food, retail, and other industries because they allowed a touchless connection with customers. Today, QR codes on packaging are becoming increasingly common for marketers looking to bridge the gap between offline and online media.

This article will outline ten marketing benefits of using QR codes on your branded packing tape as a cost-effective method of connecting deeper with your target audience. But, first, let’s explore QR codes and how they work.

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How to Price Out Branded Packing Tape

How much does branded packing tape cost? The answer depends on several factors, including the type of tape, how much you need, the design, and your budget. In this article, we’ll break down several questions to consider when pricing out the best branded packing tape for your packaging needs.

What type of branded packing tape do you need?

Branded packing tape is available in polypropylene, PVC, paper (Kraft), hi-tack freezer, and filament. There are varying thicknesses and widths within these options that factor into your bottom line.

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