The Security Benefits of Printed Packing Tape

Package left at door

You’re the type of person who wants to see the best in everyone. You see the world through a “glass is half-full” lens.

Employee theftBut you’ve also been selling your products for long enough to know that anyone can succumb to temptation. Somewhere along your supply line, there’s someone who might be thinking about dipping into one of your boxes and sampling your goods.

Employee theft happens everywhere. Some people might be pressed for cash. They have medical bills, or they’re just bad at managing money. They figure, “This is a big company. They won’t miss it.”

That’s where printed packing tape can help.

“It keeps the honest man honest”

custom packing tape

We aren’t saying that printed tape is the only security measure your company needs. But we know tape, and we know that your products often have to make a lot of stops on their way to your customers. Printed tape can provide an added level of protection against pilfering along that route.

Someone who’s a thief will simply steal an entire box from a warehouse. But with printed tape, you can easily identify when pilfering has occurred.

We typically put it this way: Printed tape keeps the honest man honest. There’s much less temptation to steal when you see a package sealed using printed tape.

Think about it like this: Someone is looking for an easy target for pilfering and sees two boxes, one sealed with plain tape, the other sealed with printed tape.

The person who wants to pilfer your product is going to pick the plain tape. He can simply reseal the box when he’s done, and the rest of your supply chain will have no idea any tampering has occurred.

But with printed tape, the pilferer in that scenario would be out of luck. Once the tape with your company name/messaging was broken, he wouldn’t be able to replace it with matching tape.

Printed tape can, therefore, serve as a security measure. You can tell customers, “If the box doesn’t come with this tape, don’t sign for it.”

Secure your supply line with tamper evident tape

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Want to learn more about how printed packing tape can help you secure your merchandise? Contact Phoenix Tape. We’ve spent more than 30 years helping companies like yours secure their products every step of the way while increasing their brand awareness.

In fact, we even offer special tamper-evident tape designed to prevent pilfering. Our stock print paper tape contains messaging such as:

  • “If seal is broken check contents before accepting delivery”
  • “Do not give clear receipt if seal is broken
  • “Caution: If this seal is broken check for hidden damage and concealed loss in presence of carrier, note all facts on receipt”
  • If seal is broken or damaged check contents before signing receipt

Contact us today to learn more about how our printed tape can protect your products.