Creating Business Success Through Brand Reinforcement

Major Us logos

There are certain corporate logos that are just burned into our brains.

Even if you’ve never eaten a Big Mac or bought a pair of basketball sneakers, you know McDonald’s golden arches or the Nike swoosh.

A good logo is one of the keys to creating a brand that resonates with your customers, as well as your customers-in-waiting.

Read on to learn how you can use your logo – and other communication tactics – to create business success through brand reinforcement.

Logo on box1. Put your logo front and center

Try to make sure your logo has a prominent position on your packaging so that it’s the first thing customers see. Whether it be a smartly-positioned store display in a retail space or a custom-printed tape, it puts your logo right in a customer’s line of sight.

The same thing applies to online retail spaces. Whether you’re selling things on your website or promoting a product or service on your blog or on social media, keep your logo in a place where customers will see it as soon as they log on.

2. Put your logo in your messages

Every time you communicate with people outside your company – whether it’s with customers, suppliers or any other party – make sure your logo is included. It’s a simple form of brand reinforcement: people see the logo and think of your company, even if your company name isn’t right there.

3. Brand reinforcement through promotional products

If you have employees who interact with or are visible to your customers, you can emphasize the impact of your logo by placing it on their name tags or uniforms. And when you can, try to give out useful promotional products at public events and trade shows: promotional rolls of tape, water bottles, key chains, pens, etc.

4. Social media is your friend

social Media

It’s 2019, so we’ll assume your company has some level of social media expertise. If not, channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram offer you an amazing chance at brand reinforcement.

However, social media should be about more than just posting updates. New hires and company milestones are certainly worth noting, but it’s also important to have a conversation with your followers.

Ask them questions and try to answer the ones they pose to you. Showing that you can solve their problems helps build your reputation as an industry in your field and turns the people that you’ve helped into an evangelist for your product or service.

Finally, pay attention to the things the people in your channels are discussing. It might give you some ideas to create new content. And that leads us to our next point…

5. Create new content

A strong logo placed front and center can help you with brand reinforcement, but it’s also important to tell the story behind that logo.

That means more than just putting a company history on your “About Us” page. Create new content that talks about how your company can solve their problems. Blog posts, white papers, case studies, videos, podcasts – these all fall under the content umbrella.

Custom printed tape can help you reinforce your brand

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