Master of Its “Kraft”: The Benefits of Paper Tape

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Just as there’s no one from Scotland involved in the creation of Scotch Tape – it was invented in Minnesota – there’s no one named Kraft behind the creation of kraft tape.

It’s a tape made from paper that is itself made from what’s known as the “kraft process,” the chief method for producing paper. (Kraft in this case comes from the German word for “strength,” meant to denote the superior strength of the paper.)

But that strength is just one of many benefits of kraft tape. Read on to learn why this tape can be a good fit for your company’s packaging.

White Paper TapeWhy should I use kraft tape?

Kraft tape is an eco-friendly, water-activated tape that affixes itself neatly to packaging and contains fiberglass threads that offer another layer of security and high tensile strength.

Once you seal a box or package with paper tape, it makes a permanent bond, similar to an envelope. You’ll need to rip it to open it, as opposed to plastic tape, which can be peeled open. This makes paper tape an ideal way to deter pilfering or tampering. It’s impossible for someone to open the box without ripping the tape.

Paper Tape 1 inkPaper tape is often used by businesses using boxes that aren’t filled with hard goods – think clothing makers – or companies shipping products that are loose and not very stackable. It’s easier to seal a box with water-activated paper tape in situations where you can’t put too much pressure on the tape.

At the same time, the strength of this tape makes it a good choice for shipping heavier or overfilled cartons. And it’s very printable, allowing you to show off your company’s name or log when you ship.

Paper tape is also an environmentally friendly alternative to tapes that are manufactured with plastics, like PVC and polypropylene. Both the paper material the tape is made from and the water-based adhesive are eco-friendly and sustainable in their production and can be recycled right along with your shipping box.

Paper Tape 2 inkOther benefits include:

  • It’s odorless, making it a good choice for companies shipping food products
  • It’s hygienic, perfect for pharmaceutical companies
  • It sticks neatly to a range of different products, including new or recycled cardboard, or dirty or dusty surfaces.
  • It sticks so well you’ll only need one strip of tape to secure your package
  • It’s very durable, able to withstand a range of different environmental conditions

Are there any drawbacks to using kraft tape?

Paper Tape DispenserIf there’s a disadvantage to working with kraft tape, it’s that paper tape requires users to bring the packaging to the tape dispenser, rather than bringing the tape dispenser to the packaging.

The tape comes out of a large desktop machine that dispenses the tape using a water brush that activates the adhesive. This adhesive is how adhesive should be: very sticky. It’s great for sealing but can be cumbersome to work with.

This is where plastic tape varieties such as PVC or polypropylene have an edge. They can be applied with an inexpensive portable tape gun that you can carry around your workspace, where as a paper tape machine stays in one place and costs considerably more.

Do you have questions about custom kraft tape? Are you unsure about what type of tape is best suited for your packing needs?

Turn to Phoenix Tape. We’ve spent more than 30 years creating custom printed tape for small and large companies alike. From kraft tape to polypropylene to PVC, we can find you a tape that meets the needs of your business. Contact us today to learn more.