Will My Tape Work in Cold Temperatures?

Freezer Tape

We’ve sold a lot custom tape rolls over the years, and we stand by their ability to perform as promised, offering clients both a secure way to ship their products and a way to advertise their brand.

However, we realize that not every tape is meant for every job. For example, when temperatures get too cold, some tapes just won’t work.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why that happens, and discuss the features and benefits of using hi-tack freezer tape.

What happens to tape when the temperature drops?

A piece of tape has two components, solid and liquid. The liquid adhesive, which provides a tack, or stickiness, which allows the solid tape itself to initially adhere to a surface.

When temperatures get too cold, the adhesive begins to harden and loses its tackiness, meaning that it will lose its ability to adhere to a surface. If the temperatures keep dropping, the tape will eventually freeze and becomes dry and brittle.

There are two factors to consider when using tape in cold temperatures. First, there’s the temperature in the place where the tape is being applied.

Rubbing down tape placed on packageIn order for the tape to stick well, you need proper wipe downforce – or pressure – to help the adhesive bond with the fibers of a carton. When temperatures become cold, the adhesive loses this ability.

The second factor is the temperature where your packaging will be stored. Let’s say you apply your tape in a fairly warm environment, but then immediately move your packaging to someplace cold. If the adhesive doesn’t have enough time to make a permanent bond with the carton, it can become brittle and lose its tack.

This won’t happen to every tape as soon as the temperature begins to drop. Many adhesive tapes will freeze long before the thermometer hits 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Some specially designed freezer tapes can continue to work below freezing temperatures.

Store your goods in freezing temperatures with the help of Phoenix Tape

hi-tack-freezer-tapeIf you need custom tape rolls that can withstand cold temperatures, Phoenix Tape is here to help. Our hi-tack freezer tape offers excellent adhesion at lower temperatures, with a minimum application temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit and a service temperature minimum of -15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Available in both white and clear varieties, the hi-tack freezer tape allows you to print up to three and inks and comes in a standard 1.9 mil thickness.

Contact us today to learn about this and all of our other custom tape rolls. We’re confident we have the right tape for your company and its products.

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