What Color Tape Should I Choose?

Group of printed tape

Different colors trigger different responses in our brains. That’s what the study of color psychology is all about, the study of how different hues affect our emotions.

And that’s an important consideration when choosing your company logo and deciding what colors to pick when designing printed packing tape.

Read on to learn more about what colors are offered and which ones are popular

What different colors of tape and inks are available?

There are a few basic colors of tape out there.  White, tan and clear are the most common.  Clear and tan used to be more popular but over the last few years, white has taken the lead.  Printing on white inks means the ink colors will print true without being influenced by the color of the tape underneath.

There is a range of standard inks that are included in the pricing.  The most common inks used are black, reflex blue and process blue.  There is also a standard red, yellow, orange, green, burgundy, brown, white and grey option available.

Custom colors are always available with an extra charge.  We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) color system.  The possibilities are endless with custom colors.

What Colored Tapes are offered?

Red and yellow printed tape1. Red

Red is one color that is available in both Poly and PVC tapes.  Often red is used when the user wants to make a bold, edgy statement or offer up a cautionary message.  The only ink that looks good on red tape is black.

Green Printed Packaging Tape2. Green

This color of tape is only available in PVC.  Black is the only ink we recommend using on green tape, otherwise your print will not be easily read.

Blue Printed Packaging Tape3. Blue

We have a light blue PVC tape.  It offers more flexibility with ink colors but we still recommend using darker colored inks to print on it. It looks great with a bold logo printed on it.

4. Yellow

Yellow, offered in Poly and PVC, is another tape color used for catching the customer’s attention or to offer up a “CAUTION” message.  Yellow is so bright it is hard to miss and looks spectacular printed with black ink.

5. Orange

Not as popular as red or yellow, orange PVC is still a vibrant color great that stands out on packaging.

Coloring your printed packing tape

At Phoenix Tape, we offer a few different standard colors at no charge, including Yellow PMS 108, Orange PMS 165, Red PMS 199, Green PMS 347, Grey PMS 431, Burgundy PMS 222, Brown PMS 476, Process Blue, Reflex Blue, and Black and White

We can also print up to three colors. One color print requires a minimum of one case of printed packing tape. For two color prints, the minimum is two cases and for three colors it’s five.

Contact us today to learn more about our printing options. We look forward to creating a printed packing tape with the color – or colors – that speak to your audience.

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