6 Elements That Make a Good Logo for Custom Printed Tape

Desinging Logos

One of the best things about custom printed tape is that it allows you to create a packing tape with a logo. Anyone who receives – or even sees – your packaging also encounters your brand.

Think of each strip of tape as a micro billboard for your company. What do you want your customers to see – and more importantly, to feel – when they see your logo?

The key to designing a logo that’s memorable – for all the right reasons – lies with these elements.

1. Simplicity

This might be the most important element of a good logo. The logos that have stuck in your head – Apple, Target, McDonald’s – were all designed with simplicity in mind. Whether you print them in color on your custom packing tape or in black and white in a newspaper ad, you’ll still know what they are.

In addition, a simpler logo will be easier to print and reproduce when creating a packing tape.  A simple yet bold logo can easily be seen and read on your custom tape.

2. Distinctiveness

While researching other logos to get inspiration for your own is a good idea, you should still strive for distinctiveness. (Read our blog post from last year on logo mistakes, which discusses how Google learned this lesson the hard way.)

A good logo will set your custom tape apart from other packaging and make it easily identifiable.

3. Color

Assuming your logo isn’t going to be in black and white, you’ll need to consider the message you want to send with your color.

Just don’t go overboard with colors. Too many in a single logo can be difficult to reproduce and will drive up the cost of production.  However, a simple yet thoughtful color combination, combined with the color of the tape you choose, can make your customized tape really stand out in a stack of boxes.

4. Typography

Your logo needs to blend in with other text that you’ll use on your website or in print. If it clashes, it’s time to search for a new font.

Shop around. Pick a font that can easily be read on printed tape. Make sure your font choice matches your business. A company that sells toys and a law firm that handles corporate tax law wouldn’t want the same type of font.

5. Versatility

We said earlier that a strip of packing tape with a logo could serve as a miniature billboard for your company. But what if you wanted to put it on an actual billboard? Or a brochure? Or a business card? Your logo should be designed to hold its integrity whether you’re printing it on spaces small or large.

6. Graphics

pixelated Leaf art

When we design a packing tape with logo, we’re heartened when customers send us art files using the vector format.

Digital art files fall into two categories: vector and raster. Raster images are comprised of a grid of picture elements – or pixels – that make up a bigger image.

Vectors are a single image, ideal for designing logos because they offer the scalability we described above. They’ll look as nice on a roll of custom printed tape as they will on a billboard.

Vector Leaves

Designing a packing tape with logo puts your brand front and center, providing you with an effective low-cost piece of advertising.

Let the experts at Phoenix Tape help you use your tape and your logo to reach a new audience. We’ve spent the better part of 40 years working with businesses like yours to tell their story and protect their products with our attractive, durable tape.

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