Custom Packaging Tape: Top Sellers

Custom Packaging Tape

Custom packaging tape isn’t one-size-fits-all. It comes with the freedom to choose the type that suits your unique application, budget, and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a custom packaging tape that’s economical, environmentally friendly, ultra-secure, or suitable for a particular application, discover our top sellers below to help guide your decision.

Top selling custom packaging tape for: COST-EFFECTIVENESS

When you need a budget-friendly solution that packs a big punch, consider our most popular custom packaging tape: polypropylene. Known for a crackling noise when pulled from the roll, this cost-effective option features a glossy finish, hot melt adhesive, and excellent printability.

  • Our most popular custom packaging tape
  • Economical with excellent printability
  • A versatile solution for many applications
  • Ideal for packages ranging from 0-50+ lbs.

Top selling custom packaging tapes for: RECYCLABILITY

Custom Packing Tape

When environmental initiatives play a central role in your company’s culture, consider the top-selling custom packaging tape for recyclability: paper tape. Sometimes called kraft tape, paper tape features an eco-friendly water-based adhesive. It pairs with a manual paper tape dispenser that dispenses up to 30 inches of tape with one pull.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Water-based adhesive
  • No need to remove the tape before recycling taped boxes

Check out our Can Packing Tape Be Recycled? blog article to learn more about recycling packaging tape.

Top selling custom packaging tapes for: MAXIMUM PACKAGE SECURITY

Does your company ship goods that require an added level of security? All types of custom packing tapes have the distinct advantage of enhancing package security more than plain tape because the unique printed design makes it easy to detect and deter tampering. However, one top seller amplifies the security quotient even more: paper tape.

In addition to its eco-friendly construction, paper tape also features ultra-strong fiberglass threads that offer strong bonding capability, even adhering to dusty surfaces.

  • Fiberglass threads and strong bond helps prevent damage and tampering
  • Can even adhere to dusty surfaces and new or recycled cardboard
  • Seals packages up to 55 lbs.

Top selling custom packaging tapes for: HEAVY SHIPMENTS

When you’re shipping large parts or heavy supplies, count on our top-selling PVC custom packaging tape. Available in 2.2 and heavy-duty 3.2 mil thicknesses, this premium quality tape is an exceptionally durable top seller. Quiet when pulled from the roll, PVC is easy to work with and features a flat finish with hot melt adhesive.

  • Thick and durable
  • Quiet operation
  • Flat finish with hot melt adhesive

Top selling custom packaging tapes for: UTILITY-GRADE STRAPPING

When you need a utility-grade strapping tape, go for our top-selling filament custom packaging tape. With a backing resistant to splitting and cracking, filament tape is ideal for bundling or reinforcing packages, securing cargo during transit, and other heavy-duty utility strapping applications.

  • Utility-grade strapping tape for heavy-duty applications
  • Synthetic rubber adhesive for a long-lasting bond
  • Resists moisture and solvents

Top selling custom packaging tapes for: COLD STORAGE

Custom Packing Tape

If you’re applying tape or storing taped packages in low temperatures, consider a top-selling custom packaging tape designed explicitly for cold storage applications: hi-tack freezer tape. With a 20° F application temperature and -15° F service temperature minimum, this packing tape is designed for excellent adhesion in cold and freezing conditions.

  • Ideal for cold storage applications
  • 20° F application temperature minimum
  • -15° F service temperature minimum

Top selling custom packaging tapes for: HEAVY-DUTY MASKING

If you need to mask, edge, bind, or splice – and traditional masking tape isn’t up to the task – choose this flatback custom packaging tape. This heavy-duty top seller is easy to dispense and tear and leaves little to no residue behind.

  • Use for heavy-duty masking, edging, binding, or splicing
  • Easy to dispense and tear
  • Leaves little to no residue behind

Contact our sales team to learn more about these and other top-selling types of custom packaging tape to ensure you select the right product at the right price.