5 Ways to Use Custom Branded Packing Tape as a Marketing Tool

custom branded packing tape

In the era of online shopping, eCommerce merchants are increasingly embracing the marketing possibilities hiding right under their nose: the physical package. Rather than shipping goods to customers in unremarkable plain packages, many companies are seizing the opportunity to make a splash with custom branded packing tape.

A more affordable and equally impactful alternative to printed boxes, custom branded packing tape is rising to claim a top spot in the online sales-marketing spectrum.

Whether you’re looking to make a branding play, promote a specific marketing initiative, or tell your company’s story in another way, consider these five ways to use custom branded packing tape as a marketing tool:

  1. Offer a coupon code
  2. Promote a contest, giveaway, or event
  3. Enhance social media engagement
  4. Advance a marketing or charitable initiative
  5. Boost brand recognition

Offer a coupon code

What better way to encourage a customer to place a repeat order than to provide an irresistible incentive? A coupon code printed on your custom packing tape will do just that. From a percent or dollar-off discount, a complimentary gift, or free shipping on the next order, coupon codes can keep the excitement of your product alive as customers anxiously await their next shipment.

Promote a contest, giveaway, or event

Is your company launching a contest or giveaway? Are you hosting an upcoming in-person or online event? Whatever is on your marketing event calendar, promote it using custom packing tape!

Be sure to keep it brief with a custom web address, or URL, where customers can visit to learn more about how they can get involved. This strategy helps drive traffic to your website and promotes an upcoming initiative at the same time, winding up as a win-win in any marketing book.

Enhance social media engagement

Are you looking to increase your social media followers? Or promote more engagement on your platforms? Custom packing tape with social media hashtags can help you reach your social media goals faster.

Consider including a short call-to-action that asks customers to share their unboxing experience, upload a photo with your product, or engage with your brand using social media in another meaningful way.

Capturing a customer’s authentic excitement about your product on social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to take your social marketing efforts to the next level.

Advance a marketing or charitable initiative

When Amazon wanted to promote AmazonSmile, a campaign that donates a portion of sales to a customer’s favorite charity, they used custom packing tape. The retail giant printed, “Shop at smile.amazon.com and we’ll donate to your favorite charity” and “$183 million donated to charities so far” to increase the visibility of this philanthropic effort.

Amazon has also used custom packing tape to spread the word about recycling its packaging and its Prime membership advantages. Which marketing or charitable initiatives can custom packing tape help you advance? The sky is the limit.

Boost brand recognition

Brand recognition is at the heart of every marketing campaign. Don’t miss the opportunity to extend your brand marketing efforts to your product packaging.

Essential branding elements, such as your logo, tagline, and contact information are foundational custom packing tape components for strategically positioning your company for success. The more people who see and interact with your package, the more cost-effective brand exposure you can earn.

Custom packing tape has a unique way of telling your story and marketing your brand through product packaging – without the added expense of printed boxes. With a little creativity and alignment with your upcoming marketing initiatives, customized packaging can become a vital component of your next campaign.

No matter your marketing goals, our sales and design professionals can help you create custom-branded packing tape to help you reach them. We offer brand-friendly custom PVC, polypropylene, paper, and flatback tape options.