B2B Marketing: How custom tape can help

There are many opportunities to market one’s business these days. From social media to SEO, the options are nearly endless. One form of marketing that is often overlooked in terms of its effectiveness, affordability, and strong visual nature is custom tape.

Also known as custom packing tape, custom tape is a relatively new marketing trend that’s been emerging in the world of business-to-business markets. While it may not be a tool that every small business has on hand or even knows about, custom shipping tape can effectively promote any business while at the same time securely sealing every shipment.

There are many different ways that custom tape can help you market your business. The following are just some of the many benefits that come with incorporating custom printed tape into your B2B marketing strategy:

Building Long-Lasting Brand Awareness

Whether you’re an established company looking to expand or a new business hoping to get off the ground, custom tape can help build your B2B brand. Every shipment that leaves your warehouse will carry your company’s logo. This will help focus your company’s reputation in customers’ minds, making them more likely to seek you out when they need another product.

Encourage Word-Of-Mouth

You can use personalized tape to help create a positive customer experience that will encourage people to talk about your business. Satisfied customers are usually the best promoters of a brand, product, or service. If you want to achieve long-term success in B2B marketing, it’s essential that you create a positive image in the customer’s mind.

Encourage Website Traffic

You can also use custom shipping tape to drive traffic to your company’s website. With custom tape it is possible to include a little or as much information as you want.  A good layout can incorporate an address, phone number, email address and social media links.

Increase Email Sign-Ups

Custom tape can be used to increase email signups by including a marketing message on the packaging. Customers who receive a package sealed with custom tape showing your business’s name and logo on it will be excited to open the package, which means that they’re also more likely to be interested what you’re sending them.

Quickly Build Trust

Custom tape can also help increase customer trust by putting the business’s name on the packaging. Customers are more likely to remember products, especially ones that come with their own guarantee when they know who is behind them. Personalized tape makes it easier for customers to remember what you do and who you are, which will make them feel like you’re a more reliable brand.

Improve Brand Image

Custom packing tape stands out from other forms of advertising because it provides people with a hands-on experience. When customers receive a shipment from you sealed with custom printed tape, they’ll feel a particular connection to your business that would not exist at all if they only receive a generic letter or an email. They’ll associate your company with the personalized tape used to seal the package, which will help them remember you.

Custom tapes are an inexpensive marketing tool that you can use in various ways. No matter what your business does or who your target audience is, there’s bound to be a custom tape design out there for you. It only takes one package to make a customer want to do business with you, Contact Phoenix Tape to start marketing your brand today.