First Time Buyers: Guide to Buying Custom Tape

For the first time custom printed tape buyer, there is a lot of information to figure out.  What type of tape will work best for me and how much do I need?

There are many variables that go into figuring this out.  Our first question to our customers is “What are you shipping?”  The next question will be “How heavy is the package being shipped?”  It keeps going from there.  How big is the packaging? Will it be corrugated cardboard or some other type of packaging? These are all important questions we ask our new customers.  Figuring out the correct tape in the beginning will eliminate costly shipping problems farther down the road.  We will always assist you in getting the best tape solution for your needs. Learn more about minimum orders and choosing the right tape.

Figuring out how much custom tape is needed is the next part of ordering.  To answer this questions you must determine the dimensions of the box, how much tape one box will take to seal and how many boxes you will be shipping over time.  Every company has their own unique shipping requirements.  Our tape comes either 24 or 36 rolls per case and the most common length ordered is 110 yards.  We recommend getting at least a 6 month supply.  Depending on your storage facilities, you can easily order up to a year’s supply and save on the price per roll.

Contact us with questions.  Custom shipping tape is our thing. We’ve been doing this for a long time and can help figure it all out for you.