10 Marketing Benefits of QR Codes on Branded Packing Tape

QR codes first debuted in the mid-1990s to track assembly line parts, but they didn’t gain mainstream momentum until the era of smartphones. Then, when the pandemic hit in 2020, QR code usage skyrocketed among hospitality, food, retail, and other industries because they allowed a touchless connection with customers. Today, QR codes on packaging are becoming increasingly common for marketers looking to bridge the gap between offline and online media.

This article will outline ten marketing benefits of using QR codes on your branded packing tape as a cost-effective method of connecting deeper with your target audience. But, first, let’s explore QR codes and how they work.

What are QR codes?

Quick response (QR) codes are square-shaped scannable barcodes that store data. Users can scan them using a QR reader, scanner, or smartphone. While they can be static for storing fixed information, such as passwords, ID numbers, or access codes, most marketers often use dynamic QR codes. These codes allow you to redirect users to digital media, such as a website, restaurant menu, social media profile, or store coupon that you can update to coincide with your marketing campaigns.

Continue reading to discover ten marketing benefits of using QR codes on your branded packing tape.

Benefits of QR codes on branded packing tape

  1. Helps you stand out

    Every company seeks to differentiate itself in the sea of competition, and QR codes can help give you an edge. When printed on your custom shipping tape, QR codes spike curiosity and invite customers and prospects to interact with your brand.

  2. Provides quick and error-free access to your company

QR codes prevent users from having to search for your company’s website, email, phone number, or social media profile online. Instead, you can direct them to the information they need by scanning the code, reducing their online search time and margin of error. 

  • Targets your audience on the go

    As your package travels to and from its destination, QR codes on branded packing tape allow users to connect with your brand wherever they encounter it – creating an immediate opportunity to engage your audience.

  • Boosts engagement

    QR codes feature highly versatile technology to elevate your custom packing tape with interactive content, such as audio, video, contests, contact forms, polls, order forms, and feedback requests to increase engagement with your brand.

  • Promote sharing and networking

    Another benefit of using QR codes on custom packing tape is that you can use them to enhance your social media campaigns by directing users to your social channels to build deeper connections and promote sharing.

  • Increases top-of-mind awareness

    QR codes on branded packing tape provide convenient opportunities for users to interact with your company, helping to create memorable customer experiences, enhance top-of-mind awareness, and promote brand loyalty.

  • Campaign performance tracking

    Another marketing benefit of using QR codes on your custom packing tape is its trackability. QR codes allow you to collect data and track campaign performance, revealing helpful insights about customer profiles, behavior, and preferences to optimize your strategy.

  • Enhances campaign creativity

    Printing QR codes on your branded packing tape allows for more creativity when executing your marketing campaigns. With seemingly endless marketing uses, QR codes are an easy and cost-effective way to make a splash.

  • Allows for business updates in real-time

    Whether you need to change your business hours, terms of your sales offer, or other business information, dynamic QR codes allow you to edit the information users receive instantaneously, providing a real-time flow of communication.

  • Free and easy to set up

    One of the best marketing benefits of using QR codes on branded packing tape is that you can create them for free. And with sites like QRCode Monkey and Visualead, they’re quick and easy to set up.

Are you interested in reaping these marketing benefits of using QR codes on your custom packing tape? We have the expertise and equipment to create a perfect print every time. Contact our industry-leading team to discover how we can help elevate your next marketing campaign.