The Ultimate Branding Technique: Custom shipping tape and custom boxes

Your company’s packaging is important.  As we discussed in an earlier blog any package with custom tape received by your customers is a moving advertisement for your company and brand.  Your dream packaging plan will be determined by how much you can afford to spend.  Those looking for the maximum effect should consider combining a custom printed tape with a custom printed box.

Why use custom shipping tape at all?

When you have made the decision to use custom printed boxes you are committing to a large investment in your packaging designs.  Going the extra distance and incorporating a custom packing tape into those designs sets your packaging apart from the others.

  1. Versatility – What you choose to print on your custom tape can correspond to designs on the box or introduce completely different information.  Consider include logos, motifs or company names, contact information. 
  2. Create a memorable experience – having a beautiful custom packing tape to complement a gorgeous box is a win-win situation.  Your customer’s unboxing experience will be that much more amazing.
  3. Command attention – with so much business happening online, having custom printed tape highlights your efforts to stand out from the crowd.
  4. Serves multiple purposes – Custom tape seals your packages, improves security and advertises and markets your brand all at once.  Even a custom printed box can’t do all of that!
  5. QR codes, special promotions or specific instructions – these types of information can easily be printed on custom tape. And if you want to change the look of the tape it is so easy to have a new tape design created.
  6. Security – Using a custom shipping tape makes it more obvious that a box has been tampered with, reducing the odds that something will happen to your shipments.

What to consider when designing custom packing tape to go with your custom printed boxes?

  1. What information do you want to highlight? – Consider what specific message your custom tape can provide.  Details for special events, links to social media information or QR codes that might change over the course of the year can be included on the tape, leaving the box to stay the same over time.
  2. Tape Color and Ink Colors – Custom shipping tape catches the eye so much more than plain tape.  Using the same colors on your tape as your box makes everything that much more eye-catching.
  3. Location and amount of tape needed on packaging – Where and how you want to use the tape on the box will determine how much custom shipping tape you will need.
  4. Going for a great unboxing experience? –  Often customers will post a video the moment they open their box.  Put your logo front and center in front of all the viewers.

Having a great looking package boosts your customer’s opinion of your company.  A well-thought out packaging design incorporating both printed boxes and custom printed tape enhances your bottom line on your advertising and marketing budget. We’ve been printing custom packing tape since 1985.  Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested (800-992-1522).