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All businesses are looking for ways to stand out and attract new customers as well as continuous engagement with their current customers.

One of the most cost-effective ways that gets results is with branded packing tape, and the best place to order your custom branded packing tape is from Phoenix Tape & Supply.

Having branded packing tape allows you to not only seal up your boxes properly, but to also catch the attention of those handling the package while also ensuring that any tampering will be noticed and cannot be hidden. Contact our team today to have us help you in ordering your branded packing tape.

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Custom Packing Tape Means Branded Packaging at a Fraction of the Price

Most businesses are not multi-billion dollar enterprises where they can order branded boxes by the millions to help keep their brand in the minds of their customers. Instead, any business can appear to be a large entity without the high cost by opting to use branded packing tape on their packages.

These branded packing tapes are much less expensive and are easier to update and change as circumstances dictate.

We feature in-house production at our 2 strategically located facilities so that we can quickly get you your branded packing tape with minimal delay.

Using your custom branded packing tape means that it doesn’t matter the size of the box that you are using, it will always have your brand stuck to it. In this way you can keep your costs down for shipping materials while still having a high-end look with your branded packing tape sealing and securing the contents inside.

Branded Packing Tape Rolls

Branded Packing Tape with High-Quality Materials and Excellent Print Quality

You don’t want to scrimp on your custom branded packing tape, so we source the best materials we can. This means that you can count on your branded packing tape not only looking as good as possible, but it will also work as you expect for packing tape by keeping things sealed up. The same goes for the inks that we use on your branded packing tape, as well as the image quality so that you have crisp, clean art and lettering.

Elevate your brand, enhance your package security from tampering, and even get new customers with the right branded packing tape from the experts at Phoenix Tape & Supply. We have been helping businesses just like yours for more than 35 years so we have a good track record of providing just what our customers want. Contact us today to get started with your new branded packing tape.

Is branding packaging tape the best choice for your application? Let us help you decide.

Assortment of Custom Packaging Tape

Why buy your branded packing tape from us?

For over 35 years, we’ve specialized in offering high-quality and affordable custom printed packing tape to companies of all sizes.


We work only with trusted industry-leading material suppliers to ensure you receive the best raw materials available.

We combine experienced sales, art, production, and printing teams with advanced printing presses to help us provide exceptional custom tape worthy of your brand and budget.