Custom Tape: Types of Tape and Minimum Orders

For the first time custom printed tape buyer, there is a lot to consider.  What type of custom tape is available and what is the minimum order?

For most buyers, here are two options with regards to tape type. There is reinforced paper tape, which is an extremely strong tape that sticks to any box. To activate the adhesive, the tape must go through a dispenser that wets and activates the adhesive. The cost of the dispenser is $395.00. Custom printed Paper tape comes in three different lengths. The standard size is 3 inches x 450 feet; this size is packed ten rolls per case. The other 2 lengths are 3×375 feet (8 rolls per case) and 3×500 feet (6 rolls per case.)  Three colors is the maximum that we can print on paper tape.  If you purchase a one or two color print the minimum order would be five cases. If you purchase a three color print, there would be a ten case minimum order.

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What’s the Difference Between PVC Tape and Duct Tape?

PVC Tape Rolls

If you need strong and durable tape for your application, PVC tape and duct tape might be on your shortlist of options to consider. So, which one should you choose? The answer comes down to how you’ll use it. As we covered in a previous blog post on choosing the right tape for the job, each solution has a different purpose. Just like you wouldn’t use scotch tape to seal ductwork, you wouldn’t use duct tape to wrap holiday gifts.

This article will look at the differences – and similarities – between PVC tape and duct tape to illustrate the ideal applications for each one, helping you build a better and smarter arsenal of packaging materials.

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