Yellow Custom Poly Tape

Custom Poly Packing Tape

Poly Tape with Your Branding!

When you have a box to seal up for shipping, what is the kind of tape that is used most often?
If you said polypropylene or poly packing tape, you would be right!

Organizations of all sizes use poly packing tape, but if that’s all that they do they are missing a key ingredient in helping to make sure their brand is remembered and used more often. Custom poly packing tape is the next step they need to take to not only seal packages but to increase their marketing reach as well. At Phoenix Tape we have helped thousands of businesses take this next step by providing them their own custom poly packaging tape for their shipping department. Request a quote for poly tape today.

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Custom Printed Poly Tape

Custom poly tape, or polypropylene tape, is no longer a trendy option that only big-name brands can afford. These days it is imperative for your business, no matter what size you are, to have your brand visible anywhere that you can, including on the boxes and other packages that you ship out.

When you add custom-printed poly tape to your shipping department, every package leaving your shipping department will carry your brand name without a change to your processes.

Custom-printed poly packaging tape helps to set your packages apart from all of the rest. If you received two boxes that were the same size, with one sealed with normal poly tape and the other sealed with your colorful poly tape with your brand name and logo on it, which one would you be more likely to want to open up and remember? Of course, the custom poly tape sealed box would grab your attention first.

Custom Poly 2-ink Packaging Tape on a Box

Custom Polypropylene Packaging Tape

Having custom poly packing tape adds to the impression that recipients and others have of your business. With standard packaging, there is nothing that helps it to stand out. With custom poly packaging tape, instantly make a great first impression on your customers.

Why choose poly tape?
Economical and cost-efficient
Allows for transparent design elements
Can print sharp details
High-quality glossy finish

These days you need to look at every option when it comes to helping spread awareness of your brand and business. Custom poly packing tape is a great option and fortunately, it won’t be cost prohibitive to get your own custom tape. We can even offer free shipping in the continental United States! Learn more about the features and options for custom polypropylene tape.

At Phoenix Tape, we have been helping customers for more than 35 years and produce your custom poly packaging tape at our U.S.-based production facilities. Contact us to learn more and place your custom tape order today.