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Custom Paper Tape

When you are looking for custom paper tape, look no further than Phoenix Tape & Supply.

In the packaging and shipping industries, there is continual pressure to work on reducing the amount of materials in each package that gets shipped. Along with that pressure comes the additional pressure that the materials that do get used should be as recyclable as possible so that the cycle can repeat itself without causing any damage to the environment.

Enter our custom paper tape option from Phoenix Tape & Supply. This custom paper tape is branded with your company name, logo, and any other information that you want to include, plus it is an eco-friendly option for sealing the boxes that you are shipping out.

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Everything You Need for Custom Paper Tape

When you order custom paper tape from Phoenix Tape & Supply, there are several benefits that you can enjoy every time that you use a roll to seal your boxes.

First, your custom paper tape is water activated, so you don’t have to worry about the adhesive going back or sticking where you don’t want it. Because it is paper, it is fully recyclable, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it isn’t strong. Our custom paper tape is used for all kinds of packages to keep things properly sealed until it is ready to be opened.

Our custom paper tape features up to 3 ink colors that can be applied to your custom paper tape, is odor-free since there is no sticky adhesive to worry about, and because it is a custom printed product, any tampering with a package is easy to spot.

Our custom paper tape can be easily dispensed with our paper tape dispenser and the adhesive is activated by water in the tape dispenser, so only when you are ready to seal up a box will the adhesive be activated. Less waste and fully recyclable, what’s not to like about that!

Custom Paper Tape Dispenser

Our team will help you to get the custom made tape for your needs.

Don’t leave your custom paper tape to chance with just any supplier. Choose one that has been in business over 35 years and takes care of their customers like Phoenix Tape & Supply. We combine the best raw materials with industry-leading print machinery to produce the highest quality custom packing tape possible. With in-house production capabilities and an exceptionally skilled team, we are your premier source for affordable custom tape at affordable prices.

Custom Made Tape from Phoenix Tape & Supply

When you order your custom paper tape, you will have several lengths to choose from. The more frequently you use paper tape, the longer lengths you will want to have.  Our custom paper tape provides a permanent bond to your packages in a single strip. In addition, the reinforced fiberglass threads lend high tensile strength that deters pilfering and tampering to help keep your goods safe and protected.

Custom Paper Tape for Electronics Store
Assortment of Custom Paper Tape Rolls

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For over 35 years, we’ve specialized in offering high-quality and affordable custom paper tape to companies of all sizes.


We work only with trusted industry-leading material suppliers to ensure you receive the best raw materials available.

We combine experienced sales, art, production, and printing teams with advanced printing presses to help us provide exceptional custom tape worthy of your brand and budget.