Process for Custom Printed Tape

The Custom Printed Tape Process

What is an option that is inexpensive yet impactful for marketing that nearly any business can utilize? Custom printed packaging tape is the answer to this question, and the process for ordering your custom printed tape is simple.

At Phoenix Tape & Supply we’ve spent decades working with customers and refining the process to get them custom printed tape as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You can contact us to learn more and get your questions answered, or go right to our quotes page, plug in a few details, and we’ll get you a quote fast for your custom printed packaging tape.

Find the Right Tape for You

There’s so much that custom printed packaging tape has to offer. Talk to us and discover more.

Custom Printed Packaging Tape

When you are ready to order your custom printed packaging tape, there are only a few easy steps to ordering.

First, you will need to choose the material type you need for your custom printed tape. We offer several different types including paper tape, PVC tape, hi-tack tape for cold conditions, and more. You will also need to choose a few other details, such as the size of the tape, tape color, number of inks, and a few more details. From here it goes to our art department who will work with you to create the design that will appear on your printed packaging tape.

Once the design is made, you will receive a digital file to review. Check the lettering, the color, the website if you included one, and anything else that is part of the design.

Once you approve the design, your order will be made and then SHIPPED FREE to you in the contiguous United States (lower 48 states). There is no minimum to qualify for free shipping and no coupon needed either.

Custom Printed Polypropylene Tape Rolls

Request a Quote for Custom Printed Tape

Get started on your new custom printed packaging tape by heading to our quote page, filling in a few details, and getting a custom quote back quickly on your custom packing tape. Don’t wait, go to our quote page now.

Custom Printed Packaging Tape from Phoenix Tape & Supply

At Phoenix Tape & Supply, you can trust that we’ll get your custom packing tape design done right. We’ve been helping customers build their businesses for over 35 years and have streamlined the process.

We even offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders shipping within the contiguous United States! You don’t want to waste another day not having your branding on all of the packages that you send out to your customers. Our custom printed tape can help to get you exposure to new customers while enhancing your relationship with your existing customers.

Green Printed Packaging Tape
Several Custom Printed Tape Examples

Why buy your Custom Printed tape from us?

For over 35 years, we’ve specialized in offering high-quality and affordable custom printed tape to companies of all sizes.


We work only with trusted industry-leading material suppliers to ensure you receive the best raw materials available.

We combine experienced sales, art, production, and printing teams with advanced printing presses to help us provide exceptional custom tape worthy of your brand and budget.