Freezer Tape

Custom Freezer Tape

Ideal for cold storage applications, our hi-tack freezer tape lends excellent adhesion in low temperatures. If you’re in food logistics or another cold storage industry, don’t settle for a tape that hardens, loses its tackiness – or worse, becomes dry and brittle – in cold environments! Instead, reach for a reliable, hi-tack solution designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of your industry. Our custom freezer tape withstands cold temperatures so that your packages stay sealed no matter where they go.

What is freezer tape?

Freezer tape is different than conventional packaging tape that can lose its adhesive qualities when applied or stored in sub-zero conditions. The hi-tack adhesive on this specially designed packaging tape will maintain stickiness when used in environments as low as 20°F and stored in spaces as low as -15°F.

When you think of our hi-tack freezer tape, here is what you can expect:

  • Maintains excellent adhesion in low temperatures
  • Minimum application temperature: 20°F
  • Minimum service temperature: -15°F
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Choose your freezer tape

Available in 1.9 mil thickness, our hi-tack freezer tape is available in several options so that you can customize this low-temperature packaging solution to meet your application.

Widths – How wide does your freezer tape need to be? With two different widths to choose from, you’re sure to find the ideal fit for your packages. Our selection of hi-tack freezer tape comes in both 2- and 3-inch widths.

  • 2 inches (36 rolls per case)
  • 3 inches (24 rolls per case)

Lengths – Our custom freezer tape rolls are available in 55-, 110- and 1,000-yard lengths (machine rolls). When determining the right length for you, consider how often you need to apply the tape and how many rolls come in each case. 

  • 55 yards 
  • 110 yards 
  • 1,000 yards (machine rolls with 4 or 6 rolls per case) 

Tape color – Would you like your tape to be white or clear? Some companies like the pop of a bright white backdrop, while the clear option lends transparency that lets your company’s boxes show through. 

  • White
  • Clear

Number of ink colors – When customizing hi-tack freezer tape, we offer the option to print your logo or designs in one-, two-, or three-colors. No matter which option you choose, this custom packaging option is sure to make your packages stand out. 

  • One color
  • Two colors
  • Three colors

Ink colors – With 11 vibrant standard PMS colors and custom PMS colors available, there’s no end to the level of design customization. Effortlessly align your custom freezer tape with your brand identity for a one-of-a-kind packaging look.

Available Colors for Custom Printed Freezer Tape

  • Black
  • White
  • Reflex blue
  • Process blue
  • Red PMS 199
  • Green PMS 347
  • Orange PMS 165
  • Yellow PMS 108
  • Burgundy PMS 222
  • Gray PMS 431
  • Brown PMS 476
  • Custom PMS

Case quantity price breaks – We offer price breaks in case quantities of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, and 60. The more you need, the less you pay per roll. Check out our interactive product page to determine case pricing based on your desired specifications and quantity.

  • 1 case
  • 2 cases
  • 5 cases
  • 10 cases
  • 25 cases
  • 60 cases
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Benefits of freezer tape

High Tack Freezer Tape

If you’re using traditional packaging tape for cold storage or low-temperature application environments, there are many reasons to switch to hi-tack freezer tape. These are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Low-temperature adhesion – When applying tape in temperatures as low as 20°F or storing packages in cold storage temperatures as low as -15°F, expect our hi-tack freezer tape to maintain its excellent adhesion no matter the conditions.
  • Print friendly – With the option to print up to three colors in seemingly endless colorways, our freezer tape becomes the medium for displaying your company’s logo or design. That way, your package captures attention wherever it goes. 
  • Secure – Traditional packaging tape that becomes dry and brittle in cold temperatures can compromise the security of your packages. With hi-tack freezer tape, you can rest assured that your packages will stay sealed in low-temperature application and service environments.
  • Increase brand visibility – When your package is en route – or stacked alongside other packages – what better way to call attention to your brand than to add a custom logo or design? Our customization options can boost brand visibility, allowing you to take the credit for your package that you deserve.
  • Cost-effective – Paying for pricey printed boxes can become a drain your company expenses. With custom printed freezer tape, you can enjoy all the same brand visibility benefits – without having to shell out an arm and a leg for custom boxes.

How to order custom freezer tape 

We make ordering custom hi-tack freezer tape incredibly easy! Our website is designed for a seamless experience that requires just a few clicks of a mouse to order precisely what you need. Follow these three simple steps to start putting freezer tape to work at your company: 

  1. Place an order
    Go to the freezer tape product page to select your desired options and upload your artwork. Our site will also ask you to input your preferred width, length, tape color, number of ink colors, ink colors, and quantity.
  2. Review and approve your proof
    With your order in our hands, we’ll begin working on creating an electronic design proof to show you what your freezer tape will look like before we fire up the presses. Expect to receive this proof within 2-3 business days after placing your order. If everything looks good, we’ll move on to production. 
  3. Receive your order
    Now that your design is approved, it’s time for us to start production. We’ll produce and ship your freezer tape order in approximately three weeks of receiving your proof approval. 

If you’d prefer to place your order by phone or in-person, our sales and design team is standing by to help!

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Custom freezer tape FAQ

What’s the difference between traditional packaging tape and freezer tape?

Both traditional packaging tape and freezer tape seal packages and can be customized to promote your brand identity. However, there’s one critical difference between the two: freezer tape is uniquely designed to withstand low temperatures, while traditional packaging tape is not. With an application temperature minimum of 20°F and a service temperature minimum of -15°F, our hi-tack freezer tape will maintain excellent adhesion without becoming brittle or dry.

What customization options do you offer?

Our custom freezer tape has many ways to customize it to your brand and needs. Start by selecting your desired length and width. Then, decide whether you want clear or white tape before moving on to choosing the number of colors you want to be printed in your design. You can choose from 11 vibrant standard colors or let us match PMS colors to your brand standards. The result will be a fully customized freezer tape that will make your packages stand out from the rest.

How much does custom freezer tape cost?

A lot less than custom printed boxes! When it comes to freezer tape, the price depends on how many cases you order, the length and width you need, and the number of colors in your design. If you’re ordering freezer tape for the first time, a plate charge applies, while reprints do not have a plate charge. Use our interactive product page to select your desired options and see how much your order will cost. Keep in mind that extra surcharges apply for reverse printing and flood coating. 

How long will it take to produce my order?

Thanks to our streamlined online ordering process, it will only take a few minutes to place your order. Once we receive it, we’ll be in touch within 2-3 business days with an electronic proof for you to review and approve. After receiving your approval on the proof, we’ll print and ship your freezer tape order in approximately three weeks. 

Which art file types do you accept?

When it comes to uploading your artwork on our website, it may be helpful to know that we accept many different file types, including PNG, TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, PDF, AI, PSD, ZIP, or EPS. We prefer Adobe Illustrator vector files if possible due to the high quality image.  For any type of art file, the higher the resolution the better.  Remember – the better the art file, the better the final print.  If you have a question about uploading artwork or the acceptable file types, reach out to our sales and design team.

What other types of custom packaging tape do you offer?

In addition to our hi-tack freezer tape for low-temperature applications, we also carry polypropylene tapepaper tapePVC tapefilament utility strapping tape, and flat back masking tape. You can customize any of these tapes with your logo and design. Or, choose from one of our many stock-printed tapes with messaging that includes EMPTY, PACKED, FRAGILE, PACKING LIST ENCLOSED, MADE WITH PRIDE IN THE USA, and more.

How long have you been in business?

We’ve provided custom packing tape and other packaging solutions to our customers since 1985. Our long track record of success stems from our commitment to deliver affordable products for both small and large businesses. We’re seasoned sales, design, and printing professionals with in-house production capabilities that make it easier to accommodate lead times, design challenges, and provide the individualized service our
customers trust.

Your source for custom freezer tape

With 35 years in the custom packaging tape industry, we know a little something about delivering quality and value to companies of any size. We’re here to offer affordable packaging solutions that help tell your company’s story while also providing excellent printing capabilities and the superior adhesive performance you expect. 

When your image – and budget – matter, choose our team of dedicated professionals to deliver everything you expect and more. 

  • Established in 1985
  • Affordable prices
  • Easy online ordering
  • Small and large companies welcome
  • In-house production
  • Sales and design assistance

To order custom freezer tape for your company, request a quote online or reach out to our sales and design team to learn more.

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