Custom Printed Paper Tape

Paper tape is a recyclable water-activated custom printed tape for many packaging applications. It’s also known as kraft tape after the papermaking method that turns wood into pulp, the essential element of paper. The term kraft also translates to force in German, pointing to one of paper tape’s most desirable features: strength. Reinforced fiberglass threads give this custom printed tape exceptional package security and integrity. At the same time, its highly printable surface helps produce crisp and clean imagery worthy of your company’s brand and reputation. 

Branded Packing Tape


When you’re deciding between the various types of custom packing tape, consider paper tape when you need a long-lasting bond for: 

  • Loose, soft goods
  • Heavy or overfilled cartons
  • New and recycled cardboard and corrugate
  • Dirty or dusty surfaces
  • Sensitive and valuable packages that require added security
  • Odor-free and hygienic applications, such as food or pharmaceuticals
Custom Paper Tape for Electronics Store


Paper custom packing tape comes with many desirable features, including: 

  • Water-activated
  • Recyclable
  • Strong and durable
  • Prints up to 3 inks
  • Pilfer-resistant
  • Odor-free
  • Compatible with our manual paper tape dispenser
  • Capable of sealing packages up to 55 lbs.


Tape grade refers to its thickness, a critical indicator of strength and print quality. We offer two grades of paper custom shipping tape based on the weight of your packages: 

  • Reinforced 240 grade (6.3 mil) – As our base grade of paper tape, 240-grade is the industry’s middle range. Printing on anything less can comprise the sharpness and crispness of your design. This grade is capable of securely sealing packages up to 30 lbs.
  • Heavy-duty reinforced 260 grade (7.0 mil) – This slightly higher paper grade will yield excellent print quality. The added thickness can safely accommodate heavier packages up to 55 lbs
Custom Paper Tape Roll Made for Business


We offer paper custom printed tape in three roll lengths. If you use shipping tape frequently, go for longer rolls. Similarly, choose shorter-length rolls for more infrequent use. If you know how much tape you use over an extended time, consider ordering more than you need short-term to take advantage of volume pricing and reduce the risk of stock issues.

  • 375 feet (8 rolls per case)
  • 450 feet (10 rolls per case)
  • 500 feet (6 rolls per case)

Tape Colors

Paper custom printed tape comes in two colors: natural and white. Natural will blend into cardboard and corrugate for a natural kraft paper look. White offers a lighter backdrop to let your custom print design pop off the package. 


Paper custom packing tape is highly printable, allowing your logo and design to appear clear and vibrant. Whether a one-, two-, or three-color design, paper tape can help you stand out from the crowd. Choose from the following 11 standard PMS colors or go with our custom PMS color match services for even more on-brand appeal.

How can we help you customize your paper custom tape? Contact our experts to learn more.

Why Choose Paper Custom Packing Tape

Paper custom packing tape offers many benefits for companies looking to elevate their packaging because it is:

Cost- and space-effective

Paper custom printed packing tape is an affordable alternative to expensive custom printed boxes. They help you reap all the branding and marketing benefits without the exorbitant costs. Paper tape rolls also require significantly less storage space than custom printed boxes, making them a space-saving solution for less.

Eco-friendly and recyclable

Paper custom printed packing tape is nearly 100% recyclable, including the adhesive. Typically you don’t need to remove it before recycling your cardboard boxes – you can recycle both the tape and your boxes together in the same bin.

Secure and pilfer-resistant

As its German kraft translation suggests, paper tape is incredibly strong, providing a permanent bond to your packages in a single strip. In addition, the reinforced fiberglass threads lend high tensile strength that deters pilfering and tampering to help keep your goods safe and protected.

Odor-free and hygienic

Thanks to its water-based adhesive, paper custom packing tape is naturally odor-free and hygienic, making it ideal for food, food-grade, and pharmaceutical products. Paper tape is an excellent packaging choice for applications that prioritize cleanliness, health, and safety.

Versatile and durable

Paper tape is so versatile that it will stick neatly to a variety of surfaces, including new and recycled cardboard – and even dirty surfaces. It’s durable enough to maintain its strength and integrity in virtually any environmental condition, affixing itself securely and neatly to your packages.

Fully customizable

With paper custom printed tape, you can tailor the look and other specifications to suit your application needs. We allow you to select your desired grade, length, color, and up to three ink colors to create a one-of-a-kind marketing tool.

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Custom Paper Tape Dispenser

How To Apply Paper Tape

Paper tape requires a desktop paper tape dispenser that uses a built-in water brush to activate the adhesive. Our paper tape dispenser is designed to: 

  • Accommodate our 3” paper tape rolls all three lengths: 375, 450 & 500 ft.
  • Dispense and cut paper tape after a water brush activates the very sticky adhesive
  • Dispense up to 30” of paper tape with one pull

Do you have questions about how to apply custom paper tape to your packages? Contact us – we’re happy to help.

Paper Tape vs. Pressure-sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Tape

Paper tape is different than pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes like polypropylene and PVC because it uses water-based adhesive instead of a self-stick adhesive.  A specialized paper tape dispenser is necessary to moisten and activate the adhesive before applying.  Another difference between paper tape and PSA tape is its reinforced fiberglass threads that provide a permanent bond that must be cut or ripped open rather than peeled off.

Is paper or PSA tape best for you? Let us help you make the best choice for your application and preferences. 

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