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Printed packaging tape on a boxBranded printed packaging tape not only adds a professional touch to your packages, but it also helps increase brand recognition and promotes customer loyalty.

In this FAQ page, we have compiled some of the most commonly asked questions about our branded printed packaging tape to provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your business.

When deciding what packaging tape to use, the weight of the package to be sealed up is one of the main considerations. For lighter packages, polypropylene tape will work very well and this is the most common type of packaging tape available. For heavier packages, such as those over 25 pounds, PVC tape is better here as it has more strength than polypropylene. In the case where you have very heavy packages, kraft tape or paper tape is the right solution because it forms a very solid seal that is also tamper-evident.

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Shipping tape and packing tape are often used interchangeably but they can have different meanings. Shipping tape can refer to lighter and thinner tape. Shipping tape by this definition is really only for very temporary uses, whereas packing tape would be designed for longer-term storage and use. “Packing tape” by this definition would be more suitably interchanged with “storage tape” as it is for more long-term use.

Packing tape comes in a variety of thicknesses depending on what is needed. For packages that are up to 30 pounds usually a 1.9 mil tape will work. 2.2 mil to 2.5 mil tapes will readily handle up to 50 pounds, and 2.9 mil and up will be desired for packages weighing over 50 pounds. These are for the PVC and polypropylene tapes. Paper tapes come in regular and heavy-duty ratings, with regular-duty paper tapes good for packages up to 30 pounds and heavy-duty paper tapes are good for packages up to 55 pounds.

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