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Branding Your Business on a Budget

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It seems like some brands are everywhere.

Drive through any city or suburb and you’ll see the same signs and logos again and again, from the towering gas station and fast food signs designed to attract drivers on the interstate to the little stickers that stores use to tell shoppers “We accept VISA/Mastercard.”

Of course, those brands are everywhere because they can afford to be. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money to brand your business. In this guide, we’ll explore ways you can build

your brand without burning through your budget.

Five ways to reinforce your brand

A brand is more than just a logo. It’s the way people feel, the things they think about, when they see your company’s name.

Still, your logo is key to reinforcing that brand. Here are five ways you can do that.


  1. Put your logo at center stage

    You logo should have a prominent place on your packaging, making it the first thing customers see, whether that means a store display placed somewhere shoppers will have no choice to look or a strip of vibrant, custom-printed tape.


  2. Include your logo in your messages

    Whenever you communicate with customers, suppliers or anyone else outside your company, make sure that communication includes your logo.

  3. Use promotional products

    Do your employees interact with customers? Emphasize the impact of your logo by putting it on their name tags or uniforms. Whenever possible, try

    to give away useful promotional products at events or trade shows: key chains, pens, etc.

  4. Use social media

    Channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter offer your company an outstanding way to reinforce your brand.

    This means more than just sharing company news. Have conversations with your readers. Ask them questions and try to answer theirs. Demonstrating that you can solve problems helps establish your expertise and turns the people you help into a fan, one that’s willing to tell the world about you, thus putting your brand in front of more people.



  5. Create unique content

A strong, prominently placed logo will help reinforce your brand. But you’ll still need to tell the story behind that brand by creating new content on your website: blog posts, videos, white papers, podcasts, and anything that can explain how the thing you make can make your audience’s lives easier.

Putting a Face on Your Packaging


Years ago, the only thing companies in the ecommerce sphere needed to do when shipping their products was pack them in a durable box or envelope.

But these days, customers expect more, leading many companies to offer what’s called a “branded packaging experience.” That’s a term for when a business presents its product in packaging that’s more notable than the typical box. That can mean things like including small gifts or samples in the box, wrapping items in

colorful tissue paper or leaving customers a handwritten note.

Other companies have spruced up the packaging itself, from the decorative printed boxes offered by subscription services like Blue Apron, or the colorful packaging Birchbox and Sephora use to advertise the fun products found inside.

We recognize the temptation to see these boxes and think your company needs to follow suit. But if you’re looking to brand your business on a budget, printed boxes may not be the way to go.

Setting up presses and using colored ink to print your boxes can be costly, and you’ll see those costs rise when you add in things like complex text and artwork and a design that covers multiple sides of the box.

In addition, adding your company name, logo or messaging to a box will require more surface area, meaning a bigger box, or at least one with specific dimensions to contain your logo or branding. Not only will cost be a factor, but so will storage room in your warehouse.


Do printed boxes seem like their break the bank? Consider printed tape

If the notion of using printed boxes seems too costly, you still have the opportunity to put your business’ stamp on your packaging when you work with printed tape.

In addition to the cost savings we spoke of earlier, custom printed tape provides numerous benefits, including:

  • You can increase your brand’s visibility, putting your company logo or name front and center from the moment you ship to the time your customer receives their product.

  • You’ll improve security. Custom tape prevents people along the supply chain from pilfering or tampering with your product. Traditional clear tape can be easily replaced, but only you have tape featuring your name or logo.

  • Storage and handling will become easier. If you need to tell workers that your cargo is fragile, your tape can carry that message.

And finally, using custom printed tape demonstrates to your customers that you pay

attention to little details, while at the same time making an impact.

Every business has unique challenges when it comes to shipping, but one thing binds them all together is the need to make sure their packages arrive safely.

Let Phoenix Tape help your products make their journey. We’ve spent more than three decades offering affordable, custom printed tape to companies like yours. With our help your packages will arrive at their destination intact while still telling the world who you are.

Let Phoenix Tape help your goods along their journey. We’ve spent more than three decades offering affordable, custom printed tape to companies like yours. With our help your packages will get to their destination safely while still telling the world who you are.

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