Case Study: How Printed Tape Helps with Brand Promotion

Funko Pop is a brand of collectible vinyl figures that depict pop culture characters. Everyone from Fred Flintstone to Snow White to Edgar Allen Poe has gotten the Funko treatment over the years.

There’s a huge market for these collectibles, which is where 7 Bucks a Pop comes in.

Founded in 2017 by a husband and wife team of collectors who, after months of selling Pops they didn’t need in order to purchase the ones they wanted, realized there was a demand for someone selling these collectibles online at a reasonable price (in this case, $7).

“We kind of knew we had something right off the bat, so we started growing very quickly,” says Lee Biars, one of the founders of 7 Bucks a Pop.

The business depends on both print and social media marketing, which is what led Biars to Phoenix Tape comes in. Biars has a marketing background, and knew he wanted a tape that featured his company logo and website.

Funko Pop collectors tend to share their new purchases on YouTube or other social media platforms. When they open a box sealed with custom printed tape, they’re giving Biars free advertising.

“Relatively early on I reached out to a bunch of tape providers,” he says. “I found Matt at Phoenix to be the most communicative about how it works, what my options were. It didn’t seem like it was cookie cutter, it seemed like he was actually trying to get me the best product for the best price.”

They began ordering five cases of HD Poly tape at a time, then 10, then 25. “It’s kind of blown up a little bit the past three years,” Biars says.

He’s gotten pitches from other tape providers, but Phoenix Tape has continually offered a lower price, along with flexibility on orders that require a fast turnaround and a website that’s easy to use.

“Even if I had someone who was a little lower, I’d stick with Matt,” says Biars. “I find that loyalty works both ways. It’s not about saving money it’s about having a company you can rely on.”

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