Custom Shipping Tape and Branded Packaging Tape

Custom shipping tape in clear filament style on packaging

Custom Shipping Tape and Branded Packaging Tape

There are literally hundreds of options when it comes to showcasing your brand to potential and existing customers. Some of these options can be very costly, even for the short term. However, there is an option that isn't expensive and will likely be something that you are already using: shipping tape. Cut the costs for branded packaging and utilize the cost-effective, marketing-effective solution of custom, branded shipping tape. At Phoenix Tape, we have worked with hundreds of customers to help them add a unique touch to all of the packages that they ship out with branded packaging tape with their name and logo on it or custom shipping tape with instructions or directions for the contents. Contact us today to get started on your custom packaging tape needs.

Customization Options


Custom Packing Tape Options

When it comes to custom shipping tape you aren't limited to just a single variety of packaging tape. We offer the full suite of packaging tape types so that you can have the branded packaging tape you desire no matter what industry you are in. Many of our customers use the common types of packaging tape including PVC tape or polypropylene tape, but these aren't the only options.

We have helped many businesses that need to keep things refrigerated or frozen, and when you are working in a cold environment you know that things just don't work the way you expect at the temperature drops. Our line of freezer packaging tape is perfect in these situations and provides the additional adhesion required to stick to those colder cardboard boxes.

If you need additional tape strength for heavier shipments you can get your branded packaging tape made from filament tape. This strapping tape has additional fibers embedded in the tape to provide additional strength. Paper tape is also available for custom shipping tape, which provides you with tape that will only stick when you want it to by wetting it at the time of application.

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Branded Packing Tape for Customized Packaging

When you are looking for ways to increase brand awareness, getting custom-branded packaging tape is the cost-effective option when compared to custom-printed cardboard boxes or other options for marketing and brand awareness. At Phoenix Tape, we have been working with businesses all over the country for over 35 years. We've been in business this long because we deliver what businesses want and we work with our clients to ensure that we understand their needs. All orders qualify for free shipping as well, so make the call to Phoenix Tape today to get started on your custom shipping tape.