What is Unique About Freezer Tape?

Hi-Tack Freezer Tape

Even though it might look like traditional packing tape at first glance, freezer tape has a rare superpower. What gives it such a distinct edge? The answer lies in its unique ability to stick – and stay stuck – even when it’s freezing cold.

This article will explain more about this uniqueness by distinguishing between traditional and freezer tape in cold temperatures, discussing ideal freezer tape conditions and benefits, and finishing with customization options to make this tape even more unique.

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Will My Tape Work in Cold Temperatures?

Freezer Tape

We’ve sold a lot custom tape rolls over the years, and we stand by their ability to perform as promised, offering clients both a secure way to ship their products and a way to advertise their brand.

However, we realize that not every tape is meant for every job. For example, when temperatures get too cold, some tapes just won’t work.

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