Reverse Prints vs. Positive Prints

Positive and negative printed tapes

It’s something we hear again and again from our customers when choosing custom printed tape designs.

“We want to use the black tape Amazon uses.”

If you’ve ever received a box from Amazon, you know what we’re describing: black tape with the company’s name in tan and blue.

However, this tape isn’t black. It is a tan tape, printed with black and blue ink, allowing the original tape color to form the copy.

This is a process known as reverse printing, which is the opposite of positive printing, the traditional style of printing tape.

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Why Polypropylene is the Most Popular Packing Tape

If you knew nothing about packing tape and walked into your local hardware or office supply store, you would most likely come away with a roll of polypropylene tape. You can confirm this by pulling the tape off the roll and listening for a loud crackling noise.

It’s the most popular form of packing tape, for a few important reasons.

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Spending Too Much on Printed Boxes? Try Custom Printed Tape Instead

Meal delivery service box

Subscription boxes are everywhere these days, allowing you to order everything from beauty products (Birchbox) to ready-to-cook meals (Blue Apron) to pet supplies (Bark Box).

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