Custom Printed Tape

It’s just tape, how important can it really be? If you are a shipper of any kind or size, you know that your tape can be much more than just tape. It can be marketing, it can convey important messages, it can even encourage people to take action. At Phoenix Tape & Supply, we have worked with businesses of all sizes to provide them with high-quality custom printed tape that does all of these things and more. It isn’t just tape, and custom printed tape isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Elevate your business with the right custom printed tape from a company that has been providing it for more than 35 years. Contact us today to get started with your custom printed tape.

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Custom Tape Company

These days having custom-printed tape isn’t a luxury any longer, it is a necessity. It helps to set your business apart from the rest, but not all custom tape companies are the same. At Phoenix Tape & Supply we aren’t new to the game of custom tape, and we have built our business on listening to what our clients want and need. We offer a range of different kinds of tape that can be customized and used in a number of different settings and industries. When you are looking for a custom tape company to work with for your custom printed tape, don’t just settle for any custom tape company. Work with an experienced printer that keeps the client first. Contact our team today to learn more.

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Custom Packaging Tape

Packaging tape is typically of a heavier or more sturdy material than shipping tape is. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t and couldn’t have custom packaging tape for your boxes and other packages. At Phoenix Tape & Supply we have helped hundreds of different organizations develop their own custom packaging tape that they use daily. Whether you want to have a single custom packaging tape style or you need several for different product lines or other reasons, our team is ready to help up your game. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get custom packaging tape for your organization.

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Custom Shipping Tape

From large warehouses shipping hundreds or thousands of packages a day to the small eBay reseller sending out a few packages a week, everyone is looking for ways to enhance their business. An easy way to stand out and make your business look more professional is with custom shipping tape from your partners at Phoenix Tape & Supply. From a variety of colors and materials to incorporating your logo, business name, and other details, having custom shipping tape is an easy way to help spread the word about your organization. Contact our team today to learn more about getting your own custom shipping tape.

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Custom-Printed Paper Tape

There are many different kinds of packaging tape that you can use to seal up boxes for shipping. Unfortunately, not all of them work as intended, and that’s when you need another alternative that will hold up under stress as well as the recycled boxes that are being produced now. Phoenix Tape & Supply now offers custom-printed paper tape for your shipping needs, and this kind of tape provides the answers for many issues that businesses face. Talk with our team of professionals today to learn more about getting your own custom-printed paper tape.

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Custom-Made Tape

Whether you are a small eBay retailer or an international retailer shipping packages all over the world, you need to have the right tools in order to send out your orders to your customers. One of those tools is packaging tape to seal boxes, and unless you are using custom-made tape from Phoenix Tape & Supply, you are missing a golden opportunity. Custom-made tape is the essential package sealing medium because it offers several advantages over regular packaging tape and is an economical option when compared to having printed boxes. Contact us today to learn more about getting your own custom-made tape for your business.

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Branded Packing Tape

Getting your brand in front of people is important in order to attract new customers. Obscurity is a real thing for businesses and anything that they can do to receive more exposure is usually welcome. For organizations that use packing tape as part of their operations it makes a lot of sense to move to branded packing tape from Phoenix Tape & Supply. Sure, you can have a branded packing list as well as include a business card with the shipment, but those are all internal and only seen by those that receive the package. Branded packing tape is something that everyone can see, and to get your branded packing tape contact our team today.

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Tape for Fragile Items

You take pride in the products your company produces, which is why you make sure they don’t leave your facility without passing the most stringent quality control measures.

But once your goods are out of your hands, they’re out of your control. This is an even greater concern when shipping fragile items. That doesn’t mean you have no control at all.

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What Do I Need to Consider When Buying Packaging Tape?

When you purchase tape to ship your products, one of the first things you’ll ask is “Will this keep my packaging secure during shipping?”

But you should consider other questions too. How should you store your tape? What if your product will spend weeks or months in a stock room or warehouse? What type of tape will stick to my packaging best? How strong a tape do I need? Does width matter?

Here are a few of the factors you should consider about packaging tape:

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Packing Tape for Recycled Boxes

If you’re seeking “green” packing tape, paper tape is your best bet. Unlike PVC or polypropylene, it’s a non-petroleum-based tape.

But no matter what kind of tape you use, you can still recycle cardboard boxes with tape affixed to them. Removing tape typically isn’t needed unless your municipality or trash hauler requires it.

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