Offline Methods for Online Brand Visibility

Boost Your Brand

Your business may be mostly online, but that doesn’t mean the internet is the only place where you can attract new customers.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the things you can do – including the use of custom printed tape – that can give you more visibility in non-digital spaces.

Printed and online magazine1. Write a magazine article

Trade publications in your industry are likely always looking for new material and might welcome a piece written by an industry expert like you.

Magazines give you access to an audience that might not be familiar with your blog or your website and allow you to target a specific population in your industry. Just be sure to provide them with useful information (while also mentioning your website).

Workshop event2. Workshops and events

Conducting workshops and sponsoring events are a great way to promote the digital side of your company while also building your authority.

Use this time to teach your audience new things. Give them free, exclusive advice and make the workshop sessions engaging enough that people will seek you out for one-on-one guidance. And make sure you create special offers that are open only to people who attend your event.

Tradeshow3. Trade shows

Trade shows represent an outstanding opportunity to generate new leads and attract potential customers by setting up an eye-catching booth and offering interesting giveaways.

But keep in mind that attending a trade show can be expensive, which is why you should prepare a concrete strategy for collecting people’s email addresses, which can drive them to the digital side of your business.

Box with branded sticker label4. Stickers and other branded merchandise

We mentioned stickers in our previous blog post about creating a branded packaging experience. Include your company name and logo on a few stickers that you ship alongside your products and you’ll be giving customers an easy way to advertise your company.

And if you have the budget, you can always put your brand on other merchandise: pens and other stationery, t-shirts, refrigerator magnets, etc.

Give these things away and you’ll speed up your marketing efforts and gain some new customers along the way. Just make sure this merchandise includes your website and social media channels.

Branded billboard bus stop5. Old school advertising

If your digital advertising methods seem to be flagging, you might want to consider going back in time a bit, advertising on billboards or the radio.

To be clear, billboards aren’t cheap, but giving your customers repeat exposure to your brand – by letting them see it each day on the way to work – can put your company at the front of their minds.

Printed tapes6. Custom printed tape

When it comes time to ship products to customers, your choice of packaging can provide you with an additional way to market your company.

Many companies opt for printed boxes, but custom printed tape can offer the same effect without costing you as much. Good custom printed tape, like our polypropylene tape, will keep your products secure while still giving you instant brand recognition.

And the right tape shows your audience that you value how their packaging looks when it arrives on their doorstep. Instead of a plain box sealed with clear tape, they’ll see packaging the stands out.

Let Phoenix Tape help give you that wider audience. Whether you’d prefer to work with PVC, kraft paper, or polypropylene, we can provide you with a custom printed tape that adheres to your packaging and sticks in the mind of your customers and customers-in-waiting.