What is a Branded Packaging Experience?

Heart Shaped Boxes

Every Valentine’s Day, countless people give or receive chocolates packaged in heart-shaped boxes.

It’s a design that dates back to 1861, when the Cadbury company was looking for a way to sell its new “eating chocolates.”

The idea was to give people packaging that doubled as a keepsake. You could give your beloved candy on Valentine’s Day, along with a lovingly-decorated box they could use to store romantic mementos.

Cadbury’s innovative box design was a 19th century example of what’s known as a branded packaging experience. That’s a term for what happens when a company presents its product using packaging that’s memorable and – in the best case scenario – able to be shared.

Why a branded packaging experience is important

Branded Tape PackageWhen you do most of your business in a digital space, the packages you ship are your most direct connection to your customers.

And while your primary concern is finding a packaging that protects your product during transit. But you can also use your packaging to both deliver your product safely and create an experience for your customer that tells your company’s story.

This kind of thing can make a difference. A 2016 study from Dotcom Distribution found that nearly half of the consumers they surveyed would be more likely to patronize an online merchant again if they used unique, higher-end packaging.

That same study found that giving customers a unique packaging experience makes the product feel more glamorous and helps build a sense of anticipation, writes Richard Lazazzera of Shopify. He lists some elements you can include in to make your customer’s packaging experience more memorable.

1. Packaging

You’ve always shipped your product in a plain cardboard box. And that makes sense. They’re inexpensive and durable. But they may not be your best bet to make a great first impression. If you don’t absolutely have to use a cardboard box, consider branching out.

Colored Tissue Papers2. Filler and tissue paper

“Although popping bubble wrap is a long-cherished pastime for some of us, it isn’t visually appealing and won’t provide a premium feel,” Lazazzera writes.

He recommends using crinkle paper or excelsior, a packaging product made from wood slivers. (It’s also sometimes referred to as “wood wool.”)

Wrapping products in tissue paper – especially colorful tissue paper or paper with a custom-printed design – can build another layer – no pun intended – of expectation.

Sticker on tissue paper2. Stickers

How can you hold that tissue paper in place? Stickers – especially branded stickers – are one option. Throw in a few extra stickers that fans of your company can use to spread the word about your brand.

4. Gifts, samples or promotional materials

Adding a business card or friendly note to your packaging is a great way to promote your brand. But you can take things even further – and create a memorable packaging experience – if you send along a sample of a similar product or a gift.

5. Custom printed tape

Paper tape

While a nicely-decorated box will capture your customers’ attention, custom printed tape can have the same effect without costing you as much. The right tape can keep your packaging secure while also providing instant brand recognition.

The right custom printed tape shows your customers that you care how their packaging looks. Rather than getting a box sealed with clear tape, they’ll get a package that stands out, and that makes for a unique packaging experience.

Let Phoenix Tape help create that experience. Whether you need custom PVC, branded kraft paper tape, or unique polypropylene tape, we can create a design that sticks in your customers’ minds and keeps them coming back.