Learn More About Phoenix Tape: Custom Tape and Customer Service

Custom Tape

Since 1985 Phoenix Tape has prided itself on delivering high quality products to our customers along with unmatched customer service. Our staff are among the most professional and experienced in the industry, delivering the best in sales, art, production and service. From the very first time a customer contacts us to the time that our tape gets applied to their packaging, we strive to exceed expectations.

Custom Tape Quality

We choose to go the extra mile to provide our customers with the highest quality tape and ink and guarantee that we deliver what we promise. Our custom shipping tape is sourced from reputable, high-caliber tape manufacturers in the USA and Europe. Custom tape purchased from Phoenix Tape will come with the strength and durability that is promised. Our custom printed tape comes in a variety of types, widths, and lengths to fit all of our customers’ needs. When printing custom tape, we choose to use the highest quality inks and printing processes to make crisp, high-end products yielding results satisfying all parties involved. We use photopolymer plate substrates for our printing press plates to produce our custom tapes. These plates maintain their rigidity throughout the print job, ensuring crisp, detailed prints from start to finish. Seasoned print experts match our anilox rollers with the plates, delivering the highest quality print with ideal ink concentrations. We excel at creating a product that guarantees customer satisfaction. From start to finish we aim to be the best in the industry.

Customer Service Promise

Phoenix Tape staff strives to make our customer experience pleasant and enjoyable. We are always available to speak directly with customers about our product and our promise of quality. Once a customer decides to place an order we start the design process. When finalized we send the electronic proof to the customer for a final review to approve or adjust the design. On approval we start the printing process. From the very first phone call, email, or quote request, we are available. You will never encounter a computer-generated response or an automated experience. Whether you are a new customer researching custom tape options or a seasoned customer who has ordered for years, we pride ourselves on making the experience the best experience.