Tape for Fragile Items

You take pride in the products your company produces, which is why you make sure they don’t leave your facility without passing the most stringent quality control measures.

But once your goods are out of your hands, they’re out of your control. This is an even greater concern when shipping fragile items. That doesn’t mean you have no control at all.

Here are a few measures you can take to protect delicate items during shipping.

  1. Choose the right boxes

    Picking a box that’s too big can backfire. The materials you use to pad the box can move around during shipping and cost you more.  A box that’s too small won’t give you room for any padding. Your best box is one that allows for two inches of space on all sides. Make sure you properly measure items before you ship.
  2. Choose good quality materials

    Thinner boxes may cost less, but they will lead to more product returns and disgruntled customers. Hold on to your customers and their loyalty by picking sturdy, reliable boxes.
  3. Use protective material

    In addition to packing peanuts, a material such a bubble wrap can keep fragile items safe. Secure this wrapping with a layer of tape but go easy: you want the unboxing experience to be enjoyable one rather than a chore.
  4. Use the right tape.

    When shipping fragile items, sealing your boxes with custom printed tape can serve two purposes.  First, printed tape lets you include messaging like “fragile” or “handle with care” to make sure your products are handled the way they’re meant to be handled.  And using paper tape is a useful tool for businesses whose boxes are filled with softer goods such as clothing, or who ship products that are loose and thus not easy to stack. Boxes are easier to seal with water-activated paper tape when you can’t put too much pressure on the tape.

 If you’d like to know about custom printed tape for fragile items, contact Phoenix Tape. We can help you find the right tape for your products and ship them with a message that lets the world know they need to be handled with care.