How to Price Out Branded Packing Tape

Branded Packing Tape Rolls

How much does branded packing tape cost? The answer depends on several factors, including the type of tape, how much you need, the design, and your budget. In this article, we’ll break down several questions to consider when pricing out the best branded packing tape for your packaging needs.

What type of branded packing tape do you need?

Branded packing tape is available in polypropylene, PVC, paper (Kraft), hi-tack freezer, and filament. There are varying thicknesses and widths within these options that factor into your bottom line.

To determine the best type for you, consider the following:

  • The type of package you’re sealing – The substrate of your package plays a critical role in the kind of tape you’ll want to order. For instance, some tapes are best for clean cardboard boxes while others stand up to recycled or dirty cardboard and other surfaces.

  • How much your packages weigh – Lightweight packages can hold up with standard tapes and thicknesses, whereas heavy and bulky packages require a thicker, wider, and generally more heavy-duty tape.

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What roll length is best?

Tape length can also affect your total price. Here’s what to consider when purchasing plastic and paper branded packing tape:

  • Plastic – To figure out whether you’ll need 55, 110, or 1,000 yards of plastic tape, consider the number of tape handguns or machine dispensers per volume of boxes you need to seal.

  • Paper – Determine whether you’ll need 375-feet (8 rolls per case), 450-feet (10 rolls per case), or 500-feet (6 rolls per case).

How much tape will you order?

Because branded packing tape is priced based on quantity, you stand to pay less per case when you order in larger volumes.

The following are factors to consider when determining how much tape you’ll need:

  • The size of the box
  • How many sides need tape?
  • How long are the sides?

Then, use this formula to calculate the total amount of tape to price out: 

Length of tape per box   X   # of boxes sent per day/week/month   X   # of months you want to order

What is the design?

Several design decisions can influence the price of your branded packing tape, including:

  • Your design elements – Are you printing a logo, QR code, social media icons, address, web address, phone number, etc.?

  • Tape width – The spacing and sizing of artwork determine whether you’ll need 2” or 3” tape. Pro tip: Go for 3” wide branded packing tape if you need extra grip.

  • Tape color – White is the most popular color, but most tapes come in other colors that can also affect the price.

  • Number and color of inks – We can print up to 3 inks.  Are the ink colors dependent on corporate guidelines or your art director’s overall packaging design? The answer to this question can help us determine whether a stock ink color will suffice or whether you’ll need to upgrade to a custom PMS color.

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What is your budget?

Budget is another important factor when pricing out branded packing tape. For tight budgets, you might consider economical solutions, such as polypropylene. Other ways to save money on custom tape include simplifying your design so it is one ink color.  

No matter which branded packing tape you choose, the shipping is already included in the price, so there’s no need to factor added costs into your budgeting mix.

How much storage space do you have?

Many companies choose to order larger quantities of branded packing tape to take advantage of economies of scale. However, it’s essential to ensure that you have enough warehouse space to store the tape, bearing in mind that tape keeps best in its original packaging at a constant temperature.

How long will you keep the tape in stock?

Finally, consider how long you want to have tape in stock. We recommend you start with a 6-month supply.  Under the ideal storage conditions, tape viability can be extended, allowing you to leverage cost-efficiencies when you purchase larger amounts.

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Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned pro, pricing out branded packing tape is easier with our team at your side. With over 37 years of experience, we have the talent, expertise, and service to make your ordering process smooth. Contact us to get started today.